4 Methods to Target Today’s Wine Drinkers

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The wine drinking industry is rapidly increasing. As the younger generations make it to the drinking age, we are likely to also see an increase in the wine drinking environment. With many wineries offering wine tastings and wine sales, it can be difficult to remain competitive in the wine industry. A good winery has the following features.

A carefully paired menu
Wineries began as places to simply go and have a glass of wine. Today, many wineries have changed the experience to include wine tasting. They also often offer tours of the wineries, making it a day long experience. This has created a need for on site food. Anytime you have people drinking multiple types of alcoholic beverages, it is important to also serve food. Also, simply serving chips and whatever else you can get cheap is not enough. Flavors can interact with the taste buds and the ability to accurately taste the wine.

For this reason, it is a good idea to have a carefully paired menu. In order to pair the best certified organic wines with food items, it is a good idea to have a chef on staff. Chefs can evaluate the aromas and tastes of the wine and find foods items that complement the experience. Wine tasting is an experience, not a quick process and the foods served should recognize that.

On site entertainment
The longer that you can get guests to stay at your winery, the more they are going to spend. If you have a limited amount of certified organic wines, no food, and no entertainment, they are not going to stay very long. Entertainment can be provided in many ways including on site games, comedy acts, guided tours, or even live music. Live music is a great idea because it encourages people to continue coming backing. They are also going to try out different wines during the live music show, which could also increase wine bottle sales. Of those millennials who drank multiple times each week, 3.1 glasses were consumed on average during each sitting. You just have to find a way to get them to sit there long enough.

Awareness of food allergies and preferences
We currently live in a time of food sensitivities. If you are able to cater to these unique dietary preferences and requirements, you can also cater to a larger population of wine drinkers. Certified organic wines are organic wines that have been evaluated and guaranteed to be completely organic. Although the process of creating certified organic wines might be more extensive than traditional wines, you can usually request a higher price for these items. You can also target wine drinkers that would otherwise not visit the winery.

In 2010 alone, there were 6,941 wineries in the United States. That number continues to grow each year. In order to remain competitive in this growing industry, you have to continue to find ways to set yourself apart from other wineries. Serving the best natural wines that are also certified organic wines is a great way to do that.

Join local tours
Wineries make a lot of their business from tourists. Most tourists want to get the most for their money and make the trip as convenient as possible. Joining a wine tasting tour might seem like a bad idea because you have to share your guests with other local wineries, but it can be a great way to attract a lot of guests. If you serve them with exceptional organic red wines, carefully paired foods, and live entertainment, they are sure to return.

There are a lot of wine drinkers today. In just 2016, 2.94 gallons of wine were consumed by a single person. This added attention to wine has resulted in a large number of new wineries. In order to set your winery apart from these new wineries, it is important to understand your customers and what they want out of a wine drinking experience.

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