What Are the Health Benefts of Drinking Coffee?

Office coffee vendor

Coffee lovers have always known, and science now confirms, that drinking coffee is actually good for you. Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of illnesses, for everything from depression to cancer. It helps you to stay alert, promotes concentration and increases productivity. An office coffee maker, whether it?s an industrial size 24-cup machine or a single cup office coffee maker, is an indispensable piece of office equipment.

Coffee machines for offices
Coffee makers have long been a staple of office equipment, along with paper clips, pencils and post-it notes. Office-goers have always known that coffee keeps them going past the 11 am and 3 pm slumps. Just a whiff of the smell of percolating coffee wakes you up, gives your brain a keener edge and the world a brighter outlook. Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee every day, and at least one or two of those will be at work.
In fact, when it comes to getting a coffee machine for the office, the only question has been, what size should it be? From the monster 24-cup machines to personalized single cup office coffee makers, there?s a size for every office and every purpose. Some offices pool their coffee and tea supplies, with a monthly collection that allows everyone to help themselves. For others, a single cup office coffee maker in each office solves the second major dilemma – what flavor of coffee do you prefer?

You are what you drink
Coffee drinkers can be terrible snobs, and there are the purists who will stick with conservative choices, such as French or Viennese Roast, Java or an austere Kenyan or Tanzanian flavor. Then there are those who love flavored coffees, starting with moderate varieties like vanilla, progressing through hazelnut, all the way to extremes like caramel and even chocolate and raspberry.
The adventurous types choose their coffee based on the names, and there are some creative choices there. Who can resist coffee with names like Mudslide or Mariner?s Breakfast or Pumpkin Spice? Then there are those who prefer to drink decaffeinated coffee. No comment.

Health benefits of coffee drinking
Whatever flavor of coffee you choose, and whatever the size of the office coffee maker, there?s no doubt that drinking coffee is good for you. It keeps you awake and alert on the job, and scientists are discovering a whole lot of health benefits of drinking coffee as well. For example, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking four cups or more of coffee a day decreased the risk of depression by 20% for women.
Coffee contains 1.8 grams of fiber in each cup, contributing to the recommended daily intake of 28 to 30 grams. The risk of colorectal cancer can be reduced by 26% by moderate coffee consumption. For office goers, a major benefit of coffee is that it makes them more alert and able to concentrate, improving workplace productivity.

Coffee machines for the office come in different sizes, from 24-cup monsters to single cup office coffee makers. Whatever size of coffee maker you choose, and whatever flavor you prefer, you can be sure that your favorite beverage will keep you alert, focused and productive.

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