5 Tips and Tricks to Planning a Fantastic Wedding Menu

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The right food can make or break an event. Never is this more true than with a wedding. Some of the good news when it comes to the best wedding menus is the diversity in the kinds of cuisines that people planning weddings have available to them. In times past, there were only a few courses and kinds of food that were made available to brides and grooms as they planned their special day. The days where deep fried appetizers, heavy cream sauces and fatty double pork chops were the thing to do are long gone. Today’s couples look at smaller, late night type snacks or more healthy meals for their guests. Some of the best wedding menus feature nothing more than finger food that is spicy and tasty. Here are some tips to developing the best food catering menu for your event:

  1. Work out your budget. Before you start planning your wedding as a whole, you need to start with determining how much you are going to spend on the entire function. Part of your decision making process will be to decide how much you are going to be able to spend on the food (and drinks) you serve at your wedding reception. Now, some of the best wedding menus are not the most expensive so do not think you have to break the bank to service good food to your guests.
  2. Think about the people who will attend your wedding. More and more people are finding they have a host of food allergies or preferences. There are more vegetarians and vegans now than ever before. Additionally, even if there are no vegetarians in your group or if you have friends and family who can eat everything, you want everyone to be able to find something they will like. You and your fiancee may love the hottest foods you can find but when you are considering a menu for a wedding reception, you should think about what will work for a larger group of people. Having a few options will make it more likely that all of the people at your wedding can enjoy at least some of the food that you provide.
  3. Work through the timing of your reception. When you are thinking about the food you are serving, having the best wedding menus is only part of the battle. You need to have the time to serve the food you want to serve. One easy thing that many wedding planners do is plan for a seated meal with two courses. This typically will take about 90 minutes. Often this kind of service includes a soup and then the meal. It can take less time for people to enjoy smaller appetizers or finger food. You just have to work through how long you expect your guests to be eating.
  4. Think through your drinking options. Many weddings include a cocktail portion of the wedding reception. When it comes to event planning and catering, this part of the wedding reception can make a difference in terms of the dinner catering menu that you pick. If you are planning to have a longer cocktail party portion of the wedding reception, especially if you have appetizers, you will need less in the way of a full meal afterwards. Many weddings these days skip the seated meal all together and just have fun appetizers or even mini-burger type foods. You just need to think through what kind of party you are throwing.
  5. Think about the season. If your wedding is in the summer, you probably are not going to want some really heavy meal. Think, too, about what produce is in season. You can also save some money when you work with the season and not against it. You may also want to make the day really special by playing up local flavors and specialities. If you are in the Maryland area, for example, you can never go wrong with crab cakes .

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding. Few are as fun as looking through the best wedding menus. You can really make your event special with the right cuisine.




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  1. I really appreciate your wedding menu tips and tricks. My wife’s friend is looking for a solid reception venue. Hopefully, she finds somewhere with good food.

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