Half Of All Red Meat And Chicken Contains Staph Bacteria How To Stay Safe And Healthy This Year

Grass fed meat delivery

A healthy diet affects everything you do. It affects your mood and keeps you perky as you go through life’s challenges. It affects your mental wellness and your ability to maintain a healthy social and work life. It affects your physical health and prevents you from succumbing easily to common illnesses. When your healthy diet is threatened by companies that are more interested in churning out product than dependable results, you may find yourself attempting to walk off the beaten path to find more trustworthy solutions. Grass fed meat for sale online has started to reach a notable peak these past few years as customers become more savvy to unhealthy choices. Do you eat beef, pork or salmon? You’ll want to keep reading.


Chicken is one of the more common meats. This is primarily due to the smaller upkeep required to maintain chickens across the country. This doesn’t mean it’s any more safe than beef or pork, however. Salmonella is one of the most common diseases found in both chickens and eggs, requiring you to stay vigilant and thoroughly cook your food before consumption. That means no more runny yolks!


Why is grass fed meat for sale online so commonly sought out? Let’s take a peek at these statistics. Although grass fed beef accounts for a mere 3% of all beef sales in the United States as we know it, it has been found to be much healthier and more sustainable than conventional options. Beef provided by grass-fed cows have much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids as well as seven times more beta carotene than grain fed.


More and more diets are incorporating fish and it’s not hard to see why once you look at the health benefits. Fish are unbelievably healthy, light on the calories and can be mixed in a wide variety of dishes. Wild salmon, however, is far superior to its farmed counterpart. The former has an estimated 30% fewer calories, according to the National Nutritional Database, and also averages at 13 grams of fat. Compare this to farmed filets who usually peak at 27.


Perhaps you don’t eat much fish or beef and prefer pork. Wouldn’t you like to bolster your health through superior grass-fed options? Pasture pigs have been found to have 300% more vitamin E as well as nearly 70% more selenium in their milk than farmed options. This creates healthier litters, a domino effect that can be felt by everyone from the industry to the grocery store. Free range pork, overall, is much like wild caught salmon and wagyu beef online. Safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable. It’s time to circumvent the grocery store and seek out grass fed meat for sale online.

Crafting A Healthier Diet With Sustainable Meat

Your diet is important. Why not give it the best meat possible? To buy grass-fed meat online is to give yourself the most options possible for a thriving lifestyle as well as to support a burgeoning meat industry. When you also consider that nearly half of all red meat and poultry has staph bacteria, thanks to a 2011 study provided by the Clinical Infectious Diseases, it’s more imperative than ever to stay alert. The average American will eat 90 pounds of chicken and 66 pounds of beef every year. How are you creating your meals?

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