How to Keep Guacamole Fresh in the Fridge

Easy guacamole recipe

Picture this: you just had a big party and made tons of fresh guacamole dips for all to enjoy. When all is said and done, there are still a ton of pretzels and guacamole left. You can’t just throw it all away — that’d be wasteful — but fresh guacamole does not stay fresh for very long.

What are you to do? Eat it all then and there? Look up a bunch of recipes using guacamole and get rid of it that way? Or do you find another way?

If you decided against spending hours cooking up a ton of food or putting yourself through a fresh guacamole binge, then here’s what you need to do.

It All Starts With the Ingredients.

If you want to make some guac that won’t go bad quickly, you need to be picky with your guacamole ingredients. Choose avocados that are just barely ripe, which will give only very little when you press on them.

Plastic Wrap It Up.

Take some plastic wrap, and put it right on your bowl of fresh guacamole so that the wrap is actually touch the dip. Seal it all so that it’s as air-tight as possible, which is key. The longer your fresh guacamole is exposed to open air, the less fresh it will stay.

Additional Tips.

If you still can’t finish the semi-fresh guacamole on your second time around, you can still keep it from going bad in your refrigerator. Take a spatula or spoon and smooth the top of the semi-fresh guacamole out so that it’s a nice, relatively even surface. Then, squeeze some fresh lime juice on top of it. Smoothing it out makes it easier to reapply the plastic warp, and lime juice helps fight off the effects of open air.

If you have any questions about keeping fresh guacamole fresh — or know of any other helpful tips — feel free to share in the comments.

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