Former Westlife Singer Opens Mobile Coffee Van

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When it comes to finding the most successful business ideas, mobile coffee vans might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this interesting and easily applicable concept is becoming increasingly popular as a way to offer customers one of the most highly-demanded beverages in the world. Now, a former member of the Irish boy band Westlife has joined the number of people trying out this interesting and successful type of business.

Mark Feehily, 34, who had 26 top ten hits with Westlife, recently talked to Irish radio station Today FM about his new career. Like many mobile coffee vans, his business sells hot beverages and crepes on the go. As a nod to Feehily’s background, the coffee van has reportedly been booked for several music festivals, including some in his home country.

Feehily reports that a number of his fans have questioned his business choice, especially since he has continued to perform music under his full name, Markus Feehily, since Westlife disbanded two years ago. However, he reports that as a food lover, his coffee van is both a business and a hobby.

But as far as both of those interests go, Feehily could certainly have done worse than mobile coffee vans and the coffee industry as a whole: coffee shops have an estimated 7% global growth rate, making them one of the most popular and successful types of businesses in the world. As a result, the coffee industry is believed to be worth $100 US worldwide. However, while traditional coffee shops are extremely popular, many entrepreneurs are beginning to turn to mobile coffee vans instead. These vans can access greater numbers of customers, are relatively flexible in terms of schedules and services, and, as Feehily found, they are a great addition to music festivals and events. Whether you were a Westlife fan or not, with these advantages, you can’t deny that Feehily’s latest career choice make sense!

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