Here are 3 Important Items to Stock in Your Coffee Shop

Coffee has been a popular drink for several hundred years, in the United States today it is one of the most popular beverages period. Half of the population, upwards of 150 million Americans, drink some form of coffee, including espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced coffee. Because of coffee’s extreme popularity, many people, quite understandably, want to capitalize by opening their own coffee shop. Independent coffee shops alone have $12 billion in annual sales. If you are also planning on opening your own coffee shop, there are certain items that need to be stocked in your shop, apart from coffee, for it to be successful in the long run. This article will take a look at some of these items.

  • Cups With Lids: One important item that should be in your coffee shop is cups with lids. Any successful coffee shop will have large amounts of paper cups available to hold their customer’s coffee orders. These cups, and their lids, can not only be purchased wholesale, they can also be customized with the name of your business and serve as an additional form of advertising. The lids are just as important as the cups, because they seal in the hot coffee and prevent it from accidentally spilling and burning someone. This is one of the most important items to have in your coffee shop.
  • Wooden Coffee Stirrers: Another important item that should be in your coffee shop are wooden coffee stirrers. These are, similar to their plastic counterparts, thin wooden sticks that can be used to stir in additives to a customer’s coffee order, like cream or sugar, in order to adjust the taste to a customer’s individual preference. These are preferable to plastic stirrers because, being made of wood, they are easier to recycle.
  • Cup Sleeves: And finally, a third important item that should be in your coffee shop are cup sleeves. These are circular pieces of cardboard that are slipped over a paper coffee cup, and shaped in such a way that they create a kind of “grip” that allows a customer to hold their coffee cup without burning themselves with the heat of the hot liquid inside. Cup sleeves can also serve as an additional source of branding since they can also be imprinted with the name of your coffee shop.

In conclusion, there are several important items that should be stocked in your coffee shop. These items include cups with lids, wooden coffee stirrers, and cup sleeves made of cardboard. These items, while they won’t guarantee success in and of themselves, will go a long way toward making your coffee shop successful, since they are all necessary items to have.

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