Fresh Orange Juice Machines in Restaurants and Juice Bars

If you plan on starting a restaurant, especially where breakfast will be served, orange juice is one item to consider on your menu. With the recommended intake of about 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily, fresh orange juice is a great item to offer, and a fresh orange juice machine will help. Great benefits exist with eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and if restaurants are able to offer fresh vegetable and fruit juice or smoothies rather than soda or other unhealthy drinks, then there is even more to be considered in using a juicer in your restaurant.

Benefits of a Fresh Orange Juice Machine

First, you take on the great benefit of combining the issue of health and business. A lot of this includes the question of how to start a juice bar or even just adding juicers for restaurants. With all of the need for people to eat fruits and vegetables daily, many people will gain health benefits greatly from fresh juice when they go out for a meal. Other places where these juicers may be helpful include places like gyms where people look for a post-workout refresher.

Deciding to Get Juicers for Restaurants

Many different juicers are available, and again, the fresh orange juice machine is a common and popular one. From the beginning of the U.S. through 2015, orange juice was the favorite option overall across the United States. While orange juice is a great source of vitamin C, there are now many more options that provide other health benefits. Orange juice is known for its overall healing benefits as it contains over twice the amount of vitamin C that is required on a daily basis.

Different Types of Juicers

You may also have the option to make your own fresh juice at home, though having someone make fresh juice or a smoothie for you is nice. So, restaurants choosing the proper equipment for the juice that they would like is helpful. There are a number of options where fresh juice can be used, whether it is just the drink for a customer or even for the bar. Some of the equipment that may be of quality use in restaurants everywhere include:

  • Commercial juice extractors
  • Commercial citrus juicers
  • Commercial fruit juicers
  • Fresh orange juice machines
  • Pineapple juicers
  • Professional juicers
  • Sugarcane juice machines
  • High quality juicer machines
  • Sugarcane juice machines
  • Wheatgrass juice extractor machines
  • NSF certified juicers
  • Automatic citrus juicers

With all of these, there are a number of options to take on various recipes for many of your restaurant’s customers. All different kinds of drinks can be made, while there are other extraction processes that can be completed to help add nutrition to many of your recipes in the kitchen.

Luckily, if you want to open a restaurant or juice bar, fresh fruit juice includes the use of a fresh orange juice machine or others. Many different juicing machines are able to create tasty smoothies or vitamin-friendly beverages. So many different fruits and vegetables are used for juice and the supplementation of your health. Considering the many different fruits and vegetables that Americans enjoy, with apples being the most popular, there is much to do when providing customers fresh juice from a juice bar.

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