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There is very little that is more important than adhering to a good diet and a good exercise routine. Physical health is sometimes underrated in America, as it requires work and focus on diets and exercise. But for those who do participate and work on their health, they are likely to experience very positive results.

The majority of Americans, according to one statistic, are considered obese. This means that they’re weight is a certain amount outside their Body Mass Index, which reviews what a person should weigh according to height. While this measurement is not entirely indicative of health, it is a barometer that some see as important.

When it comes to exercise, a person can workout in several ways. There are two generally considered components or types of exercises: cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is often considered “aerobic” exercise in that it simulates the heart and lungs. Resistance training is often considered “anaerobic”.

What kind of exercise someone does can often influence the type of body they have. A person who is a runner, or a long distance runner, is likely to be slimmer than someone who is lifting weights. This is in part because the person who is running sheds muscles to move quicker and for longer distances. The person who lifts weight gets bulkier.

This is part of a process that may turn out to be body adaptability. A person’s body adapts to the exercise and reacts accordingly. This may also be true of diet, where a person’s body compensates for different kinds of foods. This is a possibility that has not yet been proven. However, it certainly is possible.

Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that stimulates the heart and lungs (the cardiovascular system). This exercise involves movement, usually repetitive movement, and can be considered in certain machines: the stationary bike, the treadmill, the elliptical. Those machines have exercises that cause the heart rate to go up, sometimes intensely.

Resistance exercise is usually seen as the standard weight lifting routine, where someone lifts a certain amount of weight to build muscle. This works because the muscle breaks down during the weight lifting session, only to be rebuilt if the person has a certain amount of protein in their diet. This creates bigger muscles over time.

Both exercises, when combined, can cause an increase in cardiovascular strength (the heart, the lungs), increased muscle mass, increased metabolism (because of the weight lifting), regulation of blood sugar (with cardiovascular activity), decreased blood pressure (cardio again) and more.

There are many health benefits to exercising regularly and with the correct intensity.

The other portion to being physically healthy is the diet. A person’s diet magnifies or cancels out the exercise routine or the benefits of exercising. A person’s diet can be full of the wrong type of calories and wrong types of food. It can also be full of the healthiest foods. There are variations.

One of the most important aspects in a person’s diet is getting enough protein. Protein, as a macro-nutrient, is used for many things including the repairing and the building of muscles. Without protein, it is possible that a body would wither over time and all the muscle mass would be gone.

Protein, along with fat and carbohydrates, are considered macro-nutrients, in that they are broad categories that do specific things within the body. Carbohydrates for instance are said to be the body’s preferred source of fuel. Fats, in turn, help cells interact with each other and process different micro-nutrients.

One of the most popular sources of protein is the cashew. There are some statistics about nuts. They are:

  • Two servings of nuts per day is helpful in fighting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Several studies have indicated that eating nuts may improve brain function.
  • The study involving 8,865 people found that participants who ate nuts at least two times per week were 31% less likely to gain weight than others.

Cashew nutrition is important. Cashew nutrition details the different types of macro-nutrients that are in cashews. Cashew nutrition is high in both fiber and protein. Cashew nutrition don’t say that the cashews taste delicious, but they do, especially with salt.

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