How Did Insulated Tumblers With Lids Become So Gosh Darn Popular?

Tumblers with images

In case you may have missed the memo, fit is in all over again.

During the age of excess in the 1980’s when eager American wallets with bursting with bills, fitness fads and trendy diets took the nation over by storm. Not only did a new wave of work out tapes fill the VCR’s of American homes from coast to coast and everywhere in between, but fitness accessories and fashions were soon to follow suite in popularity.

Perhaps the best example of this is the iconic images of leg warmers which to this day bring back waves of nostalgia for those were lucky — or unlucky depending on how you look at it — to be alive during this exciting, vibrant time. To this day many of the fitness fashions from the 80’s are still popular in many ways. Whether they’ve been reinvented by inspiring a new but similar trend or whether they’ve become everyone’s #tbt on social media, fitness accessories and fashions have rightfully — and ironically — earned their spot in American pop culture.

Fast forward to today, and leg warmers have been replaced by insulated tumblers with lids.

Just about everyone has tumbler mugs or insulated tumblers with lids due to growing interest in not only fitness but sustainability as well. Tumblers for beverages both hot and cold, such as insulated tumblers with lids, are an eco-friendly way to stay fit on the go without producing any unnecessary waste. In fact, these unstoppable and unbreakable tumblers have become so popular that they’re even beginning to replace Starbucks cups as the beverage fashion accessory of choice.

Whether it’s a homemade smoothie, raw kombucha, a steaming herbal tonic, or just some plain ol’ black coffee, travel tumblers have actually become a “thing” and an extremely popular one at that due to a revived interest in fitness and sustainability.

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