Three Ways To Fit In At The Golf Course

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Three Ways To Fit In At The Golf Course

Have you ever visited your local country club to shoot a few holes, and found yourself to be on the receiving end of angry stares and ?polite? coughs? Maybe it was your first time even touching golf equipment and you forgot to yell ?four!?, your wild ball scaring off a family of four and ruining their sunday brunch ideas. Well fear not, even if you don?t have the best golf game, you can at least look like you belong when you keep these three simple tips in mind

  • The Internet Is Ubiquitous, So Check It!
  • This sounds like a no-brainer, but before you embark on any new adventure you should check the web for tips, just like you are doing now! You can find loads of information for new players with a simple search, then you can show up in style and on point. For instance, did you know that a player can only hold 15 clubs in his or her bag at one time during a stipulated round? How about picking up some solid facts to throw around to impress people, such as the fact that there were over 1000 golf clubs in the U.S. as early as 1900. If you really feel like being the talk of the course, catch up on some current golf news as well. Additionally, country clubs are great places for many occasions, and you might have something to add to your families Sunday brunch ideas next time they are looking for a venue.

  • Dress The Part
  • Golf wear? you either love it or hate it. The fact is, even though those polo shorts might not be your cup of tea, they are very comfortable and they breathe well. While most courses will not have a dress policy per se, you definitely don?t want to be caught in a pair of short shorts or a shirt depicting a goat head licking an inverted cross. Realize that you might be playing near a golf course wedding or a Sunday brunch buffet and dress accordingly. Those weddings usually cost around $28,385 on average.

  • Even If You Are Nine Under Par, Keep It Moving
  • The bane of golf players? existence is the slow fool on the next hole that refuses to move on. Whether you are having trouble getting out of the sandpit or you are daydreaming of your Sunday brunch ideas, always keep in mind that there are golfers behind you, and they have weapons! Seriously, this is the simplest way to make enemies, and you don?t want to ruin your holidays by being the slow poke of the course.

    What about you? Do you have any tips for us golf noobs? Let us hear your ideas in the comment section below

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