Wow and Entertain Your Party Guests With These Great Rental Ideas

Chocolate fountain rental miami

What do a tent, chocolate fountain, and bounce house all have in common? They all make great additions to your outdoor party, and they’re all available as party rentals! Whether you’re looking for something to entertain your kids and family, or you want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible — party rentals are the perfect way to make any occasion memorable.

In this modern technological age parents may find themselves struggling to find ways to create quality entertainment for children’s parties. For parents who find themselves scrounging for time, especially when juggling between work and family, party rentals can be the perfect answer. Outdoor parties are the perfect way to give kids the space they need when playing, exploring, and having fun. It’s no secret that children have a lot of energy. One fun and easy way to channel this energy at your party is by renting a bounce house. Bounce house rentals can also be the perfect solution to spicing up the theme of your party, as many of these temporary and inflatable playgrounds are designed to fit a variety of themes, ages, and occasions. And don’t worry if the “children at heart” want to give your bounce house party rental a try — A 15 x 15 foot bounce house can carry up to 10 children or four adults.

Party rentals are the perfect solution to making more serious occasions memorable as well. 35% of weddings are outdoor occasions, and typically require tent, chair, and table — and sometimes even dance floor — rentals. The average wedding has 136 guests, but you want to make sure every single one of your guests is having a great time. Make sure they’re comfortable by supplying plenty of chairs, so your guests have a place to rest from socializing and dancing. Are you serving food or worried about the weather? Tent rentals are an easy, reliable option. Make sure to plan ahead: a 40 x 80 foot pole tent takes approximately four and a half hours to set up, but it will be well worth the time for the added comfort and decor of your event.

Looking for the ultimate party pleaser? Why not try a chocolate fountain! A chocolate fountain is the best way to serve chocolate fondue. Typically they resemble a stepped cone, standing two to four feet tall stacked tiers over a basin at the bottom and a crown at the top. They make amazing dessert or appetizer features, and can be paired with a variety of different fruits and cake. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to pick snacks that compliment your theme.

No matter the occasion, renting accessories for your party will help guarantee that you’re saving money, as well as ensuring that your party guests are having the time of their lives. It all comes down to this: the best parties are the ones where you spend time with the people you care about. Party rentals let you do just that through their affordability and convenience. Let yourself be the best possible host, while still making memories to last a lifetime.

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