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A sanitary drum pump has one basic purpose, but it can be used in a variety of industries. Basically, a sanitary drum pump is designed to transfer low viscosity food products, pharmaceutical materials or personal care solutions from large source drums and kettles. The pumps, including a sanitary diaphragm pump and a high pressure diaphragm pump, have specially coated surfaces that are constructed according to FDA regulations from materials which provide ideal solutions for a variety of sanitary applications.
This specialized pump can be used to pump chemicals, water treatment products, food and beverages, and pharmaceutical products. The pump is versatile because it can transfer low viscosity products. Viscosity is related to the concept of shear force. For example, the water we all drink and use for a variety of other uses has a lower viscosity than molasses and flows more easily. Viscosity of a liquid can be understood as the effect of different layers of the fluid exerting shearing force on each other, or on other surfaces, as they move against each other. The purpose of these specialized pumps is to be able transport liquids of all kinds from one container to another.
America is the largest national producer of chemical products. Including the pharmaceutical sector, the U.S. chemical output value was almost $770 billion in the year 2012. Products like a sanitary drum pump allow manufacturers and industries of all kinds to distribute and transport the chemicals they make.
Even though there are 121,446 total gas stations in America, and the annual sale of gasoline from all of those stations is $249 billion, very few consumers consider how that fuel is moved from a large sanitary underground drum into vehicles. It does not take much research, however, to realize that a sanitary drum pump is what allows this, and a variety of other chemical transfers, to occur.

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