A Closer Look At The Immense Popularity Of Frozen Dessert Throughout The United States

There is no denying the popularity of frozen dessert here in the United States. After all, for starters, there are simply so many different kinds of frozen dessert out there! Ice cream is one option for frozen dessert, and a wildly popular one at that. As a matter of fact, a typical person living within this country will eat ice cream at least 28 times throughout the course of a single year – and that’s just on average, with many people even eating it much more frequently than that. In addition to this, data has found that more than 90% of all homes in the United States will consume some type of a frozen dessert on a regular basis, with nearly half of all people (around 40% of them, to be just a bit more specific) eating ice cream at least once every two weeks.

But, of course, ice cream is certainly not the only frozen dessert that is out there to eat. Gelato is another example of a popular frozen dessert, and one that provides an even denser and often just as creamy and delicious frozen dessert experience. This is due to the concentration of air introduced during the churning process. For while ice cream will include up to 50% air in this process, gelato tends not to include any more than 30% or so air during the churning of the product, which helps it to be denser and creamy even with a maximum of 8% milk fat (whereas ice cream products will often have up to 16% milk fat within them). Gelato comes in many different flavors much as ice cream does, and is popular in many places all throughout the world.

Of course, there are options for those who might be looking for somewhat of a healthier alternative as well. Frozen yogurt stores have, after all, sprung up in various locations all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, there are now well over 2,000 such establishments located in this one country alone, a number that is certainly quite likely to grow in the years that are ahead of us. For a great many people, frozen yogurt is a great way to still experience a frozen treat on a hot summer day – without many of the negative health impacts of other frozen desserts.

And there are many ways that you might consume your frozen desserts. Yogurt cups and plastic spoons are commonly found at any frozen yogurt establishment, and these yogurt cups and plastic spoons tend to be the most popular way for fro yo to be consumed. Plastic spoons and such to go cups can, of course, be used for both gelato and ice cream and plastic spoons can even be utilized as a tasting spoon, especially when you’re thinking about smaller plastic spoons and not full size plastic spoons. And aside from plastic spoons, ice cream cones are also still hugely common. After all, there are even many different types of ice cream cones that you can get, all of which can influence your overall ice cream eating experience, to say the very least. For many people, ice cream eaten out of a cone is a quintessential summer experience – even if it CAN be a bit of a messy one, especially on a particularly hot day.

Of course, you don’t need to go out for ice cream but can instead consume it in the comfort of your own home. As a matter of fact, ice cream purchases from supermarkets and the like have almost certainly increased over the course of recent years. At the end of the day, it is easier to find not only ice cream, but many other types of frozen desserts than ever before. For a huge number of people, such access to frozen desserts of varying kinds has only ticked up their consumption of such products quite impressively indeed. In the years that are ahead of us, this is only likely to become more and more the case, to say the very least. After all, there is certainly no denying just how delicious these frozen desserts can really and truly be.

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