With the Benefits of Refrigeration, Used and New Reefer Trailers Can Help Many Businesses

Reefer trailers keep perishable items fresh during long transportation, especially in shipping to grocery stores and markets. These refrigerated trailers and trucks provide a lot to gain in the food industry or for other companies that sell products in need of refrigeration. Shipping companies are able to gain a lot from new reefer trailers for sale, as the new ones can often be quite expensive. Additionally, it is sometimes important to purchase a new reefer trailer when you know the work of your business will have a lot of miles to come.

What is a Reefer Trailer?

Reefer trailers provide many valuable services, such as the ice cream truck and food and drinks at outdoor events. While a new reefer trailer may not always be needed, the cooler trailer that is attached to a semi-truck is helpful to have new when long trips or a long-running business is the one shopping for it. In the U.S. during January 2018 alone there were about 40,000 refrigerated trailers ordered. Considering the 250% growth that had occurred since 2017, there is much to see in the reefer unit wholesale market. Providing the refrigerated trailers at wholesale, as this will be a more common resale trend, may increase by another two billion dollars in the next few years.

How to Buy Reefer Trailers

You may have questions about how to choose a used reefer trailer or what to look for in a new reefer trailer. If you have decided on whether you are looking for new or used, there are many different details that you can shop for. Because the function of the trailer is the most important thing, a new reefer trailer may not be essential, but if there is a need for long-mile runs to work smoothly, there may be a need for a new reefer trailer. However, you can find one that is fairly new and minimally used. These keep foods like produce, dairy, meat, and other items cool from one place to the next. Additionally, reefer containers made for trucks, ships, trains, and locomotives, with cooling available in all areas of the transportation industry. Among these, you have the ability to choose a new reefer trailer to still provide the best work needed for your business.

Different Types and Brands of Reefer Units

Whether you are looking for new reefer trailers or new reefer trailers for sale, the food needs the most refrigeration in the transportation process. Different brands of reefer units work specifically for this purpose. Because a reefer unit can maintain freshness, it is also able to help keep the quality of a food business up to date. This may be for restaurants that are ordering refrigerated foods to the distributors that ship them out. You have the ability to choose a new reefer trailer that meets your transportation needs the most. Some of those brands include:

  • Rock Trucks for sale
  • Thermo King refrigeration units for sale
  • Wholesale reefer units

Used reefer trailers are available, with the ability to save a great deal from the cost of a new unit. There is much to seek for the cost of the trailers themselves. With up to 500,000 reefer trailers currently in the U.S., it is a large market of its own, from new to used. No matter what you need in a reefer trailer, there are several options between the new and used markets. It may take a little research to choose a new reefer trailer, but when this is needed for your work a quality unit is key. While the purchase may be a challenge, the cost savings and support provided by these used trailers are a great benefit.

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