How Are Your Graduation Party Planning Ideas Coming Along?

Your daughter has spent many mornings of her high school career getting herself a cup of coffee to start her day. Sometimes she makes herself a cup of black coffee at home, other days she uses one of the many coffee gift cards that her babysitting families and Sunday School students have given her. And if a cup of joe is how she likes to start her day, then it is also important to note that she often likes to spend time in the evenings or on the weekends visiting one of her favorite ice cream shops. It should come as no surprise then that when she and her best friend planned their high school graduation party, they wanted to incorporate two of their favorite things. Like your daughter, her bet friend also likes to start a day with a cup of steaming hot coffee, and she rarely shies away from any offer of ice cream.

In between the coffee and the frozen treats, however, the girls are as healthy as they come. They both run three miles at least five time a week, and the both follow a very healthy diet. Your daughter will often add fish as a protein to her diet, but her friend is a strict vegan. When it came to planning for their high school party, the options were interesting. Neither of the girls wanted to serve anything that they would not eat so they looked at some pretty interesting options. The fact that their favorite ice cream store recently purchases an old fashioned truck that allows them to take their sweetest offerings on the road meant that the problem was solved. Add in a literal coffee cart from one of their favorite coffee shops and the girls started planning the party of their dreams. From specially designed paper coffee cups to stir sticks that noted the year of their graduation, the girls found a way to make sure they took care of every detail.

Paper Coffee Cups and Ice Cream Cups Can Help You Customize Any Party
If you are getting ready for your big day it is important that you make sure it is the kind of party that you want. From graduation parties to weddings to open houses for a new location for your business, it is always important to make sure that you plan for the details ahead of time so that you can enjoy the celebration itself.

From specially designed paper coffee cups to making sure that you have a place for all of the guest to sign in, there are many details that go into a great party. When you are planning an event for your high schooler, however, it is important that you follow their lead. Graduation may seem like a time to celebrate the fact that you are no longer part of the getting up for school process, but the fact of the matter is this party should be about the kids. If coffee and ice cream is what they want, then you simply may have to save the adult beverages for later as you prepare a celebration that is meant for the graduates. Even if it means coffee and ice cream for the menu!
Everyone’s definition of a party may be a little different, but it you want to make sure that everything goes as planned, you simply need to come up with a plan to address all of the details. Paper coffee cups and ice cream sprinkles may seem like a rather odd combination, but finding a way to create a unique graduation experience can help you create all just the right kind of memories.

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