The Use Of Edible Flowers And Micro Greens In The Field Of Fine Dining Here In The United States

If you go to a restaurant of some sort on a regular basis, you are like the majority of people living here in the United States. Restaurant visits, to everywhere from diners and fast food places to fine dining establishments, are on the rise, with a more than 3% increase in patronage in the world of fine dining alone over the course of recent years. After all, the restaurant experience is one that many people very much cherish, to say the least.

Many people go to restaurants to catch up with people and to share a nice meal with friends and family members. They go to take a break from cooking, to treat themselves in celebration of some event or even just after a particularly stressful day (or week, or month) at work. And many go, of course, to experience elegant cuisine, to enjoy food with all of their senses.

Here is where the use of organic micro greens and crystallized viola and other flowers comes into play (these flowers ranging from that of crystalloid viola to sugar flowers to even crystallized rose or crystallized pansy). As you really do eat with your eyes first, it is important that the food that is served is very much well plated at any given fine dining establishment. Typically, at least three different colors and three different food components should be incorporated into a dish for an adult diner, while children actually prefer many more colors – as many as six or seven on a single plate. Fortunately, it’s easy to do so when things like crystallized viola and edible lavender flowers and true leaves micro greens are put into use.

And the use of edible plants and flower like the crystallized viola is more diverse than many people actually realize. For instance, types of edible flowers and many different varieties of edible flowers (like that of crystallized viola) are commonly used in salads. This is not so much for the taste, as many an edible flower has a relatively mild taste, but is more for the effect, as such edible plants and flowers can provide a much needed pop of color, a little bit more vitality, so to speak, to any given salad out there.

Edible plants and flowers like crystallized viola can be used as garnishes as well, not necessarily meant for direct consumption but used to decorate a bare space in a plate. In order to make an otherwise uniform meal look more dimensional and therefore more appealing, the use of something like crystallized viola can be essential. The use of such edible plants such as micro greens can also be ideal for adding just a little bit of texture to a dish that otherwise does not have much of it, a little bit of extra crunch. And with more than 100 varieties of edible plants and flowers to choose from, there are many options to give a dish just the little bit something more that it might be in need of.

Of course, the proper storage of these edible plants and flowers is a must, just as is the case for the storage of really any type of produce out there. For instance, micro greens can be particularly sensitive, and must be stored in a separate and sealed container and not directly with any other food products that might also be in that fridge space in use. Of course, the temperature of any given fridge space where micro greens are stored is also hugely important, and ideally they will be stored at a temperature of just over 39 degrees Fahrenheit (around 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit, for those who are looking to be particularly precise).

Temperatures that are too low can cause considerable damage to some types of micro greens, rendering them unable to be used. Such is also the case for a number of edible flowers, and so it can clearly be seen why proper care and storage matters so very much in the grand scheme of things.

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