Frozen Treats Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate an Accomplishment

Every groom has his strength in the wedding planning process, and you seem to have discovered that your husband is all about the desserts. He has always indicated that he will be involved in the grooms wear and the transportation from the church to the reception, but it had been difficult to get him involved in the other details of the reception and dinner.

That was until you talked about having a table set up where guests can make their own ice cream sundaes. That idea lit a fire in your soon to be husband’s planning skills. He offered to take over finding all of the dessert supplies in the colors that you both wanted. He even offered to to check into the price of designing customized individual ice cream cups. Once he completed that list of tasks involving dessert supplies he some how became more engaged. Every time there was a discussion about any item and prices, your fiance mentioned that he thought he knew a site where he could order those at a discount. Both you and your parents tried no to laugh as you watched your husband volunteer to check on prices and research delivery times, something that he was completely uninterested in when the reception planning process began.

Ice Cream Serves as a Great Motivator Many Times in Life

Remember when you were a little kid and had to go to the doctor for the annual check up that you always knew would include shots? Remember those days when you thought you were too tired to go to soccer practice after school? How about those times when you were certain that there was no way you could sit through another one of your sister’s piano recitals?

If you are like many of us, those memories sometimes included a bit of a bribe to get you to do what you were certain that you simply could not endure. In many of those situations, the small bribe was a trip to the ice cream store. After the shot, after the practice, after the recital, your parents would load everyone into the car and head out for ice cream.

One of the reasons that ice cream is such a great bribe or motivation is that most people simply love it. In fact, the average American will consume ice cream as many as 28.5 times this year.

Whether you are working on wedding plans or trying to motivate your children to sit quietly during a recital, ice cream may just be the bribe that you need. Nearly 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat, and the fact that dessert supplies are available in a wide range of colors means that ice cream is also the perfect addition to any wedding or graduation celebration!

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