Office Catering Is a Popular Way to Thank Dedicated Employees

It is nearing the end of a very long school year. And while the parent teacher organization’s budget is somewhat limited, the group has decided to invest in one more week of treats for the teachers and staff. For two of the mornings, the parent group will be providing breakfast before school. For the other three days, the parents are serving the entire staff lunch. One of the local sub delivery places will be delivering several of their best selling items. The other two lunches will be donated by various parents from the building.

Whether you are looking at catering for the office or school at the end of an especially busy semester or season or you are looking for a way to make sure that your team can make an upcoming deadline, finding the right place to get you food is essential. And while many options of catering for the office are affordable, not all of them are favorites. Depending on the time of the year, you might be looking for crawfish boil options in the south or where to find the best pizza in the city. No matter what choices you make, you do want to be sure that the items that you order are tasty and that they arrive on time. Especially for teachers who are often limited in the amount of time that they have for lunch, nothing ruins an appreciation meal than if it arrives late.

From football season catering to lunch for a group of employees who need to work over lunch, gourmet pizzas are often a great choice. Consider the following facts and figures:

  • 98% of Americans in a recent survey indicated that they like pizza.
  • 60% of the U.S. online food delivery market is accounted for by pizza.
  • 70% of people who watch the Super Bowl end up eating at least one slice of pizza during the game. In fact, the Super Bowl is the most popular day of the year for pizza consumption.
  • 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year just from pizza.
  • 93% of Americans indicate that they eat at least one piece of pizza a month.

Is this month the last of a long year for your teachers or your group of workers? If so, there are few things that can say thank you than a tasty catered meal.

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