Tips for Making the Perfect Frozen Yogurt Bar

Dessert cup

If you’ve got kids, family, or just a friend or two, it’s time to try building your own frozen yogurt bar at home. Making frozen yogurt is easy with the right ice cream churner, and it’s even easier if you buy it. Frozen yogurt makes the perfect treat for those hot days, but it stays pretty popular during the winter, too. About 90% of homes in the United States are indulging in some frozen treats regularly, whatever the weather. So grab some frozen yogurt supplies and plan a party! Here’s how:

  • Making your frozen yogurt. If you make it at home your options for flavors are nearly unlimited. Pick up some Greek yogurt and choose from a multitude of interesting recipes off the internet. The key to the right frozen dessert is keeping all the ingredients and all the utensils cold. Once you’ve churned your frozen yogurt, put it in shallow containers in the freezer, where it will set more quickly than if you use deep containers. Let it set at least an hour, at which point it will be a lot easier to scoop.
  • Pick the right things to add on or mix in. You frozen yogurt supplies should include plenty of things to allow everyone to personalize their frozen yogurt cups. Make sure to get a wide variety of fruits. Berries go particularly well with frozen yogurt, as does pineapple and mango. Don’t forget the candy, especially if kids are coming. Dark chocolate chips, crushed candy bars, and crushed cookies are popular, too. If you want to get really interesting, try adding popular cereals to the bar. For sauces to spoon on, caramel, fudge, and whipped cream are classic.
    but don’t forget honey, which goes very well with frozen yogurt. Get some nuts or granola for people who like crunch with their icy treat.
  • Set the scene with the right frozen yogurt supplies. Make things festive with decorations and matching colored spoons, custom cups, and containers for your add-on items that match the decor. Don’t be afraid to choose a theme and stick with it, or go with bright colors that match the time of year. Don’t forget to make fun labels for all the items. To step it up a notch, dream up some creative names for combinations of yogurt and toppings and print out a sign to encourage people to get creative themselves.
  • Make sure you’ve gotten enough. The last thing you want to do is run out of frozen yogurt supplies. If you’ve got six people, you’ll need four pints of frozen yogurt. If there are 10 people coming, it goes up to 8 pints. For 16 people make sure you have 12 pints on hand. Make sure you get some tasting spoons so you don’t run out of regular ones as people try different combinations, and think in advance of which toppings are generally more popular and make sure you’ve got extra of those.

There’s nothing like a frozen yogurt party to make the host look good and ensure both kids and adults have a great time. Plan your party carefully, lay in the right frozen yogurt supplies, decorate creatively, and then enjoy the accolades!

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