From X-Ray Food Detectors to Packaging Machines, We Have it All

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We specialize in everything that has to do with the health and safety of your food before it makes its way to your plate. Food is important to you; it makes the world go round. Nobody can resist a delicious hamburger, or perhaps a plain bowl of cereal or your favorite soup. But did you know that there are many ways that food could be contaminated or cause hazards? When you’re feeding your entire family, you don’t want any dangers to be introduced into your food, which is where we come in. From x-ray machines for food inspection to food sealing machines that keep your food safe from all contaminants, we want to keep your family safe from harm and give you the freshest food possible for your favorite events and functions.

Food Safety and Its Importance

Did you know that each year, around 48 million people fall sick with 128,000 being hospitalized – just because of food borne illnesses. 3,000 of these people will pass away unexpectedly just because the food they ate was contaminated, and those who are very young or those who are elderly are most at risk. Because we want to keep you safe from harm, we specialize in safe food packaging and x-ray machines for food inspection that give us a thorough look into what will eventually be on your plate. Vacuum sealers can preserve your food about 3-5 times longer than food that is stored inside a regular plastic bag. This is why we make it our specialty, since we know the risks of eating food that has gone bad and no longer safe for consumption – and you may not even realize it initially! We also specialize in detecting metallic contaminants through the use of our x-ray machines for food inspection. They can detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants.

Another way that you can keep your food safe is by placing it in cold temperatures. Refrigerators can do just that, so make sure to set them no higher than 40 degrees and freezers at 0. Because safety is the most important aspect of your food journey, make us a part of that adventure and invite our safety measures into your everyday life.

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