Five Tips for Creating a Cafeteria Menu that Caters to Most

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Are you looking for a menu that meets all of your staff needs? It can be difficult to create a food plan for a large group of employees. Everyone today has different food preferences and food allergies can make things even more confusing. If you are in the process of creating a menu that will please your employees and provide something for everyone, consider these food planning tips.

Outsource your cafeteria service providers
You can always outsource your cafeteria service providers. Instead of dealing with hiring, scheduling, and creating menus for your corporate dining room, you can leave all of those tasks up to the corporate dining cafeteria vendors. However, you will still have to put some thought and consideration into the cafeteria service providers that you choose, as many specialize in a specific type of food.

Try to offer something for everyone
The best way to meet all eating needs is to offer a little something for everyone. You might not be able to offer numerous vegetarian or gluten free meals, for example, but having an option on the menu is beneficial. Many employees are happy with just having on site food options. A survey of employees at companies that provide free food found 67% were very or extremely happy with their jobs. Many employees view it as a job benefit and it can help to attract higher quality candidates.

Keep it light and healthy
Regardless of the specific food items that you choose to put on the menu, you should try to always keep it light and healthy. Because it is lunch, you do not have to spend too much time planning for heavy meats and side dishes. Most employees will also not expect desserts to be on the menu. Many studies actually show that having a healthier menu can increase work productivity. Specifically, a study in the journal Population Health Management found that employees who ate an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to experience a loss of productivity than employees who regularly consumed fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. For better work results, request that your cafeteria service providers offer healthier foods.

Change it up once in a while
You can easily create employee excitement by changing up the menu once in a while. The change does not even have to a permanent change. Follow celebrated holidays such as Thanksgiving and summer holidays to take advantage of new food choices. As a result, employees will show more excitement about their workplace and this can significantly boost company morale. Even if you have a corporate cafeteria management service that is outsourced handling your food choices, you can request a special menu day to celebrate a holiday or special workplace achievement.

Keep food choices simple and easy to eat
Although most employers offer employees an hour lunch, very few employees actually take the entire hour. Additionally according to a Right Management survey, 39% of employees usually eat at their desks, however, there are tremendous performance advantages to stepping away from your workstation. Because employees are often on a time crunch for lunch, it is best to provide them with simple and easy to eat food options. Most corporate cafeteria companies prefer serving already packaged foods or foods that can quickly be microwaved.

Many larger corporations are beginning to offer meals as an added work benefit. Creating a menu that serves as many people as possible can take some planning and requires many food considerations. Outsourcing your food service to a cafeteria service provider can help you make the most informed decisions. It can also be helpful to consider your staff and attempt to offer a wide range of food choices. Finally, remember that employees prefer quicker lunch breaks, so foods that do not take much time to make or eat are best.

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