Meat Cooking Options to Change Up Your Dinner Choices

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Are you tired of the same dinner options, night after night? Most people cook only the items they know how to. They avoid changing up their dinner options and eventually, grow bored and tired of the same foods over and over again. Changing up your dinner choices will make eating at home more exciting and rewarding. You can expand your dinner options with these home cooking suggestions.

Try one new recipe per week
Time can be a constraint to finding and trying out new dishes. However, if you make it a goal to create one new recipe per week, you will find that it is manageable. Although all of your new dishes are unlikely to make it into the routine dinner schedule, you will find new ones that are worth keeping. Also, try to change up your meat options for new recipes. If you often eat chicken dishes, consider stepping outside the box and trying lamb or pork. If you always eat the same type of beef, try purchasing meat packages that contain other cuts of beef.

Change up a favorite dish with vegetables
If you have a favorite meat dish, why avoid it? You can still change it up and prevent it from getting boring by changing the ingredients. If you have a favorite stew that contains steak and potatoes, try changing the flavor by adding in some chicken or beans. Vegetables can completely change the taste of a dish. They are also good for you. The livestock big four are cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. You will find that mixing any of these meats with vegetables makes for the perfect dinner choice.

Change up your cuts of meat
Using two different cuts of meat can also completely change the taste of a recipe. Grass fed beef has high protein and a low fat level, which means it will require about 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from heat. This produces a much different taste than lower quality, non grass fed beef options. Buy meat online to purchase higher quality meat bundles, at a discounted price. Many people avoid higher quality meat packages because of the price, but if you purchase from online meat sales, you will find that it can be very affordable.

Request cooking suggestions from your local butcher
If you have a local butcher, not only can you receive steep discounts on your meats, but you can also get access to many unique dishes. Butchers and local farmers are often aware of the best dishes to make with their meats. Even purchasing bulk meat online can provide you with unique meal ideas, as many have booklets with suggested menu items. If none of these suggestions sound appealing, try looking up your own meat recipes online. The internet is a great source for easy, fulfilling menu ideas.

Change your cooking method
Changing your cooking method can also significantly change the taste of your favorite foods. Perhaps you are not interested in changing the ingredients or meat types, but still want something a little different tasting. If you normally bake your meat packages, moving them to the grill will give you an entirely different taste. Other meat packages cooking methods include frying, sauteing, and slow cooking. A slow cooked meal is not only easy, but also leaves you with a rotisserie taste.

Most meals today contain some type of meat. In fact, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the average American consumed approximately 198 pounds of meat in 2014. Yet, many Americans also tend to stick to the same dish, over and over again. Use any of these suggestions to change up your weekly meal options and to excite you for dinner time again.

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