Fun Beer Games to Play with Your Friends

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It is no secret that Americans enjoy imbibing in alcohol from time to time. While we do not need beer games to make the process get going, we have a few that make drinking even more fun.

  1. Everyone loves beer pong. The story of beer games has to start with the classic game of beer pong. This is an incredibly low tech game. What you need are Solo cups or glasses and some ping pong balls. Take a dozen of your cups and add beer. You have two sides of a table with six cups on each side. These should be arranged the same way you would arrange bowling pins. One person throws the ball and tries to make the ball land in a cup on the opposite side. If it gets in, the other team must drink. Remove the cup and reposition the rest. The winner will have made their opponent drink all of their beer. The losing side has to consume all the beer that remains for the winning side. Fun!
  2. “Never have I have ever” is a game that needs nothing at all. This is very similar to a “Truth or Dare” kind of game. It is one of the beer games that needs no equipment at all. All it needs is some interesting or creative people. A person makes a statement about something they have or have not done. Anyone who has done something like their statement has to drink. So if someone started, “Never have I ever kissed a Member of Congress,” anyone who has kissed such a person, has to drink. This can be a fun way to get drunk and learn about your friends.
  3. Play the classic game of quarters. This game can include as many (or few) people as you want it to. Most people play with a group of between three and six people. You gather people around a hard table, preferably wood, and get some shot glasses. People try to bounce a quarter from the table top to the inside of a shot glass. If the person doing the bouncing is successful, they can pick a person to they will make drink. Each game will determine what kind of alcohol and how much will be consumed. The same person keeps bouncing the quarter until they do not get it in the shot glass. Some people spice things up by making their own rules for this classic drinking game.
  4. Try “A Shot a Minute” game. In this game, there is only one rule, you need to take a shot of beer every 60 seconds for an hour. At first, this is deceptively simple sounding game but, as anyone who has tried it will tell you, it gets harder as it goes a long. No matter what types of beer you use, playing this game involves taking in a lot of air. A corollary game to this one is the “Century Club Game” where you drink a shot of beer every 60 seconds for 100 minutes. Despite being more than 50% longer, that is a much more difficult challenge to achieve.
  5. If you have a lot of duct tape around, “Edward 40” may be the game for you. For this game you need to go to the liquor store and get some 40s of beer and a roll of duct tape (you probably will not find that at the liquor store). You take the tape and affix a 40 ounce bottle of beer to each of a person’s hands. The bottles cannot be removed until they are totally empty. This can make going to places, like the bathroom, a challenge so most people have to resort to chugging the beer. If you want to make people at your party drink a lot of beer very quickly, this is the way to do it. Just think, your guests will have to drink their beer if they want to take a phone call or send a text.

As a liquor stores around the country will attest, beer games are very popular on many college campuses and elsewhere around the country. These five games are classic party activities that people have enjoyed playing and drinking to for many, many years.

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