Why Ice Cream is One of the Most Popular Treats in the United States

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People of all ages love ice cream and similar frozen treats like gelato, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. Certain types of frozen treats are more popular in certain parts of the world, but most people have tried at least two or more of these icy delights. These desserts are popular in part because they’re so diverse — there can be a huge range of flavors and the production and presentation can be fun and lively, appealing to children and adults alike. From easy disposable ice cream cups to using a tasting spoon, dessert cup, or kid-proof ice cream cups with lids, there are a hundred different ways to enjoy ice cream. No matter if you’re vegan or lactose-intolerant: there are ways around that too, to bring one of the most popular desserts to everyone! It can be a great business with a custom made dessert cup and a clever name!
Who Enjoys Ice Cream and Similar Treats?
Ice cream is the bestselling dessert in the country (not counting cookies), so the American love for ice cream is proven through our dollars! The NPD Group released research that showed that in any two-week period during the year, around 40% of Americans will consume ice cream. Around 90% of households in the United States regularly have a sweet, frozen treat of some kind and there are about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream or similar treats made in the United States annually. By the end of 2013, there were over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores round the country. Almost 90% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any point in time.
July is National Ice Cream month, though June is the month that the most ice cream is made. The International Ice Cream Association member companies released a recent survey that showed that vanilla is still the most popular flavor among consumers, leading by almost 30%.
What’s the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?
Perhaps the main difference between ice cream and gelato is that gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream.
Ice cream generally contains more than 50% air after the churning process.
Ice cream really puts the “cream” in “ice cream” and has a fat content of around 10%, whereas gelato uses milkfat and fewer egg yolks. There’s also more air in ice cream, which is why gelato is denser and can be more intense in flavor.
For example, gelato usually has between 3-8% milkfat and 25-30% air after churning, while ice cream has a much higher churning rate and a fat content of around 10%, usually. Gelato can feel indulgent in your dessert cup, but actually have less fat. You should also serve gelato at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream for maximum enjoyment.
What are Some Other Fun Facts About Ice Cream?
About 9% of the milk that’s produced by dairy farmers in the United States goes towards making ice cream! Given that it takes three gallons of milk to make one gallon of ice cream, that shouldn’t be terribly surprising! That’s a lot of milk!
Racing someone to finish an ice cream cone? You should know that it takes about 50 licks to finish off one scoop of ice cream. Lick fast to get your 50 licks in before your friend!
Common treats, such as ice cream sundaes, waffle cones, and flavors other than vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry came in stages between 1880-1929. The first ice cream parlor was actually opened in New York in 1776!
Are you an ice cream scooper? If your ice cream is between six and ten degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have an easier time scooping — that’s the perfect temperature for easy scooping! Also running your scoop under hot water will help. If you can monitor your freezer temperatures reliably, try that trick and wow your co-workers.
If you’re thinking about a fun party treat, a small business venture, or even a reward after a long day, it’s time to get your dessert cup out and head to the freezer for some ice cream! Join the rest of America in indulging in a frozen treat.

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