Main Types of Organic Microgreens

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Organic micro greens have been around for 30 years now, and it’s consumption and commercialization has drastically increase withing that period. The reason most people consume them is because of their convenience, nutritional value and the plate appeal it normally gives. Chefs and food enthusiasts will tell you that. But evidently, micro greens are known to have healthy nutrients for the body. One common misconception about microgreens is that most people think of it as shoots or sprouts but in the real sense, it’s a separate crop of their own species.

Popular seeds that are grown into microgreens are beet, chard, arugula, Asian green among others. These ones are sought for their distinct color, design, flavor and shape.

Organic micro greens are characterized by:
1.Longer shelf-life
2.Variety of profound colors
3.Intense flavours
4.Naturally grown, but there are those that are factory-farmed.
5.Grow all year round
6,Wide variety of species

What are the main types of MicroGreens?

1.Micro Mint Lime
This type of Microgreens has a lovely
purple tint color with intense flavors of lime, mint, and traces of others very notes. Add mint lime true leaves to any cuisine for an aromatic food expression. Micro mint lime is popularly accompanied with well-prepared seafood, or throw some of it on salads and desserts. The citrus flavor it oozes is enough to make you take a full bowl of soup.

2.Micro Radish Ruby
How dare you prepare some accent soup or stew and forget to put som fresh spicy radish in it! This dark purple microgreen with purple leaves and stem is rich in antioxidants and perfect for any entree, Try it!

3.Micro Basil Nutmeg
It’s organic micro greens with bright green leaves rich in nutmeg flavor and a wonderful sweet fragrance. It’s perfect for spicing up stews, desserts, and pasta. You can be sure to evoke holiday sentiments.

4.Micro Mustard Dijon
Mustard Dijon is one of the petite micro greens with light green leaves perfect for beef and seafood spicing.

5.Micro Cucumber
This organic microgreen is super attractive with a smooth texture. It’s great for its succulent cucumber flavor that stimulates salads and enhances seafood cuisine.

Food experts and enthusiasts can now enjoy their favorite dishes tasting a little bit different, an exciting difference in this case. Organic micro greens are excellent for a range of sea dishes, stews, soups, and cocktails. Adding micro greens to salads is just what some people need to finish up the entire plate.

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