Grab a Spoon! It’s Time for Ice Cream!

Ice cream party supplies

Spoons, just like containers, come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most favorite types of spoons for quite a few people, though, is the ice cream spoon.

This year, the average ice-cream-loving American will dip into a dish of ice cream about 28.5 times. Every two weeks, 40% of Americans will consume ice cream, according to the NPD Group’s research.

Since the United States produces about 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato, it’s safe to say that billions of spoons will be needed to consume all that frozen goodness.

Vanilla continues of be one of the most popular flavors for 28% of the ice-cream-consuming public, according to an International Ice Cream Association member companies’ survey. There are so many other flavors to experience, however, which raises the need for all those plastic tasting spoons.

Going out for ice cream is fun on so many levels. Not only do you get to have a dish or cone of your favorite ice cream, you also get to discover new flavors. Having a friend or two with you can increase the fun exponentially.

When it’s your turn in line, and you peer through the glass at all those luscious containers full of ice cream, how often do you try a new flavor? Once in a while? Every single time you go out for ice cream?

The next time you go out for ice cream and can’t decide between vanilla or salted caramel, treat yourself to a scoop of each. You may not be able to resist picking another flavor to take home for later, though. Just in case you’re with friends and family, be sure ask for extra plastic tasting spoons.

Spontaneous and planned Ice cream parties are a great way to spend a weekend afternoon or evening. You can purchase several different types of sorbet, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, then have everyone else bring toppings such as fruit, chopped nuts, fudge sauce, and of course, whipped cream.

Since 90% of American households regularly treat themselves with a frozen indulgence like ice cream, you are in great company.

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