The Fascinating Attributes of Ice Cream Lids


Ice cream is one of the most loved desserts in the world…in the universe. It is sold in a million different shapes and sizes, in so many delectable flavors, that it is almost impossible to choose among them all. This is definitely a problem for a person standing on line at the ice cream shop with 20 or 25 people behind, all waiting for their turn! There are gobs of paraphernalia manufactured just for the purpose of making ice cream look even more enticing than it is, but, honestly, how can anyone improve on perfection?

Speaking of lids, these are a great subject to bring up next. Ice cream cups are fun, but they’re even more fun when topped with a colorful, adorable lid that is dripping with creativity. Paper ice cream cups with lids are available from any number of different retailers or manufacturers. They can be bought in solid colors, multi-colors, polka dots, and stripes. They can be clear or bursting with brilliancy. Lids, with their ice cream cups, can be found in any shape and size, made of paper or plastic, with spoons, and without. Lids can fit onto mason jars filled with ice cream. They can be snapped onto a bottle shaped ice cream container, and, here is a very interesting fact. A photographer in Japan has discovered that the lids from a particular ice cream container perfectly fits as a lens cap cover on a 72 mm camera lens! Lids are not just for ice cream anymore! And…tasting spoons have been invented for people who can’t sample just one kind of ice cream, but need to mosey on down the line, tasting as they go.

Now, some more statistics. In the U.S. 40% of the population can be found eating ice cream, maybe even from a cup with a lid, within any two week time span. It is a fact that ice cream is popular all year round; however, statistics show that most of its production is within the month of June. As for favorite flavors, vanilla has been found to be the favorite ice cream flavor by 28% of ice cream lovers; however, there is no shortage of people who are nuts about the hundreds of other flavors available for the asking. In 90% of U.S. homes, individuals and families will frequently enjoy ice cream, or some type of frozen goody.

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