Satisfying Your Summer Sweet Tooth


One of the very best aspects of the hot summer months are the ways that people find to cool down. Sitting in front of a fan or air conditioning machine will certainly do it, but the best part of the warmer months is all of the fun that goes into beating the heat. Splashing in a pool or at a lake or running through sprinklers are definitely good options that will get the job done, but quite possibly the best go-to is a deliciously cold cup or cone of ice cream or a similar sweet treat.

From cones to ice cream cups with lids
There is a reason that every knows what we all scream for in the summer, or even year round. Ice cream is the perfect combination of cold, light, sweet, and delicious, and with the multitude of available flavors, everyone is sure to find something that they love.
Enjoying your ice cream in a cone is a great choice, as there is little to no cleanup after the fact, as long as you consumed it quickly enough and didn’t have any melting disasters. The variety of cake cones, sugar cones, and waffle cones all make a deliciously convenient addition to your treat. And if you opt for something in a cup, make sure there are lids available, just in case you end up on the go, or you want to stash some in the freezer for later.

The popularity of the beloved sweet treat

About 90% of households in the United States take part in the enjoyment of a frozen sweet treat on a regular basis. And there is such a variety from which to choose. From frozen or blended drinks with lids to waffle cone bowls, it seems that there is an unending number of ways to enjoy ice cream. Not surprisingly, June, or what many people feel is the kickoff to summer, is the time of year when the most ice cream is produced. And when you think of the multitude of dairy farmers across the United States, it is pretty easy to see how around 9% of all the milk that is produced on those farms is used for the production of ice cream. In fact around 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and delicious desserts similar to ice cream such as gelato and frozen yogurt are made in the United States every single year.

Finding the right sweet treat fit
Whether you make regular visits to your favorite local ice cream shop, or you stock up in your own freezer so that you have easy access at all times to your flavor of choice, the process of finding your ice cream preference is a fun one. Of course, it is easy to stick with one flavor or style once you have discovered something that you love, but keep in mind that you could be missing out on something equally delectable, if not more so. You could theoretically try a new flavor or style every day for days on end and still be working out new combinations by the time summer starts to wind down. But whether you decide to keep experimenting, or you are pretty sure that you have settled on a sure favorite, you will probably want to keep your kitchen stocked with spoons, lids, cups, cones, and other dessert supplies to make treat time more efficient.

There is no right or wrong way to go about dessert. Everyone has their preference, and there are always new things to discover, but when you know what you like, there’s no harm in sticking to what you love. As long as you are completely enjoying yourself, you’re finding your ideal method of cooling off, and you are not in danger of running out of the good stuff, you should be set for summer.

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