Hungry? Do Any of These Burgers Appeal to You?

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Americans love hamburgers. The quality of the meat is either the first or second most important attribute of a burger for 75% of hamburger lovers. Toppings are the first or second most important attribute for 42% of burger lovers. In terms of toppings there are an infinite number of choices. Whether you are dining at historic eateries or diners or maybe burger joints this is a list of some of the most outrageous burgers.

Hot fudge: America loves hot fudge. While most of us love it on ice cream and wait for dessert to have it, if you go to Pensacola, Florida you do not have to wait for dessert to enjoy it. There exists a three-quarter pound Black Angus burger topped with a scoop of ice cream served with a dollop of hot fudge.

The Over the Top Burger: If you are looking for something really decadent, you can head to New York for a burger loaded with foie gras, truffles and braised short ribs on a Parmsan bun. That is like two meals in one!

Ramen: Many Americans think of the noodle soup as being a college dorm room staple but did you know you can have it on your burger? If you are in New York, you can have a burger with it. The ramen burger has two USDA prime beef with two ramen buns. The buns are seasoned with a shoyu glaze and scallions. Ramen, it ie not just for college anymore!

Southern Comfort Burger: Who does not think that macaroni and cheese is a comfort food? Everyone knows that it is. Well, if you need a burger but you need some comfort at the same time, you can have both with this burger that is has a nice mac and cheese center. And the mac and cheese is full of deep fried bacon. It is topped with Southern Comfort BBQ sauce. You can find this at historic eateries in Atlanta.

Cream cheese: This bagel topping is more versatile than you may have thought. If you are in Alhambra, California, you can find two kinds of burger with cream cheese. First you have Napalm Death that has jalapeno poppers, pickled jalapeno and habanero aioli. The Witt has Sririacha, grilled onion, deep fried bacon and malt vinegar aioli. These burgers, served at historic eateries in the area are tailor made for a good craft beer to wash them down.

Mango, pear and pine nuts: Nothing says yum like fruit salad on a burger. People in Atlanta can enjoy burgers soy dressing, wasabi mayonnaise, avocado puree, pine nuts, a mango sphere and Asian pear.

Sushi: You might think being on top of a burger would cook the sushi, right? Diners in Venice, California can have the California roll hamburger. This is a beef patty and then load it up with crab salad, avocado, sushi ginger, nori, lettuce, tomato and wasabi shoyu mayonnaise.

Fried banana and peanut butter: This is an Elvis Presley tribute burger from Boston. The King is smothered with peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon and covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Cranberry sauce and stuffing: Who does not want to have Thanksgiving dinner and a burger at the same time? I And if you are a Mark Wahlberg fan, you are in for a treat. This burger is offered at his family’s chain (Wahlburgers, owned with his brothers Donnie and Paul), the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich, it has turkey, stuffing, orange cranberry sauce, mayo, and roasted butternut squash.

The Nine Pounder: The burger itself is nine pounds but then you add the condiments and the bun (it also comes with eight tomatoes, two lettuce heads, three red onions and four pickles) and it weighs in at 15 pounds. They serve it with Maalox. If you can eat the whole thing, you get it free. This is served in Washington, DC. No wonder those fat cats are so fat!

The United States is a culinary melting pot. From historic eateries to local watering holes and nice dining restaurants, you can find ay kind of cuisine and every level of dining experience. And you can never say that American chefs are not creative. Just about all of these burgers would go great with any of the American craft beers. Bon appetit!


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