How Many Fruit Servings Do You Eat In a Day?

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You nearly cringed when you opened the last box in your pile on Christmas Day. You hid it pretty well, but you were so frustrated that your husband had given you another kitchen appliance as a gift. A juice press this time. You really thought that you had finally gotten the point across that kitchen appliances were not really good gifts, especially when they take up counter space and make the kitchen look even more cluttered than it already is.
Luckily, you hid your disappointment pretty well. You may have been cringing on the inside, but on the outside you gave everyone your best smile. And then you followed your family into the kitchen to make Christmas Day smoothies for the whole group. At least it was a better option than having to stand at the stovetop and make fried eggs and bacon for the next hour. The girls and their dad, in fact, were more than happy to do all of the work as they followed every recipe in the first four pages of the book that came with the juice press gift box.
Fast forward four weeks and the juice press is doing anything but collecting dust as you predicted it might. Instead, it has been the go to appliance for breakfast and after school snacks. While it is called a juice press you have been impressed that your girls have also liked the spinach leaves and other greens that you have been mixing into the morning and afternoon creations. The organic juice that you have been serving has also been a pretty big hit.
Reviewing the following statistics might actually indicate that every kitchen should have a juice press “cluttering up” the counter:

  • Eating 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day is recommended by the dietary guidelines of the U.S. Federal Health Agency.
  • Unfortunately, 91% of Americans do not eat this recommended amount of vegetables.
  • Eating 1.5 to 2 cups of fruits per day is recommended by the dietary guidelines of the U.S. Federal Health Agency.
  • Unfortunately, 87% of Americans do not eat this recommended amount of fruit.

When you consider these facts, it is easier to understand why America has been a country obsessed about weight. While a significant part of the American population struggles to eat correctly, exercise on a daily basis, and get proper amounts of rest, another group of people can’t seem to get enough of the fitness frenzy.
In fact, the cold pressed juice delivery service is growing in some areas of the country. Juice cleanses have become a popular diet trend among some of the most fit. While formerly used in an attempt to lose unwanted weight, juice fasts and cleanses are now viewed as part of a national health movement.

While 50 year old mothers may cringe at the thought of an appliance as a gift, people in their 20s and 30s long for a way to eat the healthiest of all snacks as they head out the door to work, to exercise, or to spend the day at the beach. Their generation’s efforts to eat greater amounts of healthy raw and organic vegetables and produce have even created a market for companies that can provide these conveniently packaged items and deliver them to homes and offices.
So, whether you are a mom slow to recognize the benefits of a kitchen appliance as a gift, or you are part of the generation who is taking charge of their health, make sure you keep a smile in your face the next time you open that last big gift.

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