3 Tricks You Can Use to Throw an Elegant, But Easy Brunch

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Coming up with Sunday brunch ideas is harder than it sounds. You want to find that perfect balance between elegant, gourmet food and simplicity. On the one hand, you want to impress your guests, but on the other, you don’t want to take on any recipe that’s out of your league.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to throw an elegant brunch easier.

Use a froze pie crust to make quiche. – There is no shame in using shortcuts to make elegant food. It makes things easier and allows you to serve your guests faster, which is far more important than making everything from scratch. Don’t take too many shortcuts, though. Your dish may suffer from it.

Remember that people eat with their eyes first. – It sounds weird, but it’s true: people eat with their eyes first. Presentation and plating is key in cooking. If you’re making something in the oven, use a cast-iron pan for easy oven-to-table serving that’s also attractive. You can also disguise a frozen pie tin by putting a ruffled napkin between the foil and a more elegant dish. Though it makes more dishes, the impression that great plating makes is well worth it.

Try a Brunch Bar. – Last but not least, why not let your guests decide what it is that they want to have? Rather than set up a brunch buffet with multiple dishes, why not choose one dish and make a bar out of it? For example, you can make a French toast bar complete with sugars, syrups, fruits, and creams.

Whether you want to do a festive holiday brunch or a Sunday brunch buffet, these ideas are sure to be a big hit no matter what. If you have any other Sunday brunch ideas, feel free to share in the comments.

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