Edible Flower Dishes You Can Make at Home

Edible flowers for salads

Did you know that there are more than 100 types of palatable, edible garden flowers? You can use these edible flowers to open up your culinary cabinet to a new world of flavors and garnishes. You may be wondering: what flowers are edible? Well here’s a quick guide on how you can start using edible flowers for salads, pastries, and many other amazing dishes.

Rose – Rose petals are edible and fragrant, and can bring a delicate touch to your baked goods. You can use edible flowers for cupcakes, and one of the most delicious flavor companions to rose is strawberry. Strawberry rose cupcakes with buttercream frosting will turn your next garden party into the smash hit of the summer!

Lavender – Lavender and chamomile are natural remedies for stress-release, and when combined, make an amazing tea. But you don’t have to stop there! These two flowers also taste amazing in baked goods, and make a beautiful and delicious cookie. Finish with a sprinkle of sugar for a seriously sweet treat.

Chive Flowers – When you plant chives, you may have noticed that they sprout pretty little purple blossoms that look like little bells. Well just like the savory stalk they come from, you can eat the chive flowers as well! Pair them with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to make a delicious summer salad that you’ll never forget.

Hibiscus – Another great flower to pair with a sweet, tart fruit, hibiscus makes a seriously delicious strawberry lemonade. Serve a pitcher at your next summer gathering for a refreshing, fragrant beverage to wash down all the rest of your amazing floral foods!

You don’t have to sit and wonder. Do some research and find out if you have any flowers in your garden that you can use to make delicious, amazing edible flower dishes today!

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