Choosing Banquet Locations

Banquet venue

One of the most stressful part about planning an event may very well be finding the best place to hold it out of so many banquet locations. Reception halls are popular for larger parties, but also can be set up for more intimate gatherings. The best event locations have everything your party needs, whether its space to have a formal sit down, a la carte dinner or a sweeping endless buffet table with your favorite foods. Many event hosts find it is easiest to book a banquet venue that does both catering and events, eliminating the need to hire two separate companies for one event.

The food served at banquet locations is possibly the most important decision for any event, from work parties to birthdays to weddings to anniversaries. Choosing a theme is very helpful when making decisions regarding the catering. Are you looking for an elegant sit down meal with multiple courses or is your group event more suited to casual snacking and catering platters? If your group is into a more laid back and casual menu, a popular choice in recent months has been offering gourmet pizzas. Giving both meat lover and vegetarian options is an easy task with custom pizzas, with unique toppings like oysters, tuna, crayfish, shrimp, or chicken for the carnivores and dandelion, artichokes, arugula, eggplant, and rich cheeses for those more plant-friendly. Is your party more health conscious? Caterers have seen a shift in the preferences of their guests recently and have started to offer trendy healthy options such as Greek yogurt, granola, whole wheat breads, and vegetables to appeal to those looking for less caloric options. Many caterers take pride in their ability to make healthy options delicious and often highlight nutritional values in their offers.

When picking your banquet locations and catering companies, be sure to look at prior events that they have put on for inspiration. Set up, decorations, even table linens can set the mood for your party and make it an event to remember!


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