3 Tasty Recipes Using Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Hummus spread

Of all the different flavors of hummus available, roasted red pepper is consistently one of the most popular — and with good reason. But its zesty yet slightly sweet flavor is suitable for far more than dipping with pita; it’s also perfect for use in a wide variety of entree recipes. And since there are only about 70 calories in roasted red pepper hummus (assuming a 2-tablespoon serving), it’s a healthy way for dieters to add some serious flavor to their favorite dishes. Here are a few suggestions for you to try:

  1. Red Pepper Turkey Burgers

    Turkey burgers have less fat than beef burgers, but sometimes they need a little extra flavor to make up for it. Try stuffing the patties with a modest amount of blue cheese, then spreading roasted red pepper hummus dip on a toasted bun before serving.

  2. Red Pepper Chicken Salad

    In general, hummus can be used as a substitute for mayonnaise in most recipes (and all sandwiches and wraps). To make a zesty chicken salad, add a little water or oil to your hummus dip until it has a consistency more like mayo or sour cream. Then mix it with cubed or shredded chicken, sliced scallions and some fresh red pepper slices. If you want to add a southwestern flair, add some drained black beans or corn.

  3. Steak Tacos With Red Pepper

    Slice up a grilled skirt steak (liberally seasoned with salt and pepper) and spread the insides of softened corn tortillas with roasted red pepper hummus. Throw in some sliced black olives for saltiness, and fill the remaining space in the tacos with chopped Napa cabbage, instead of lettuce (it will hold up better to the heat of the steak without going limp). If you want some more serious spice, a few crisp jalapeno slices can provide a nice contrast to the creamy hummus.

Did you know there were so few calories in roasted red pepper hummus? Would you try the turkey, chicken or beef recipe first? Join the discussion in the comments.

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