Sushi: it’s one of the world’s top cuisines, eaten everywhere from its home in Japan to the United States and beyond. Demand in the States alone supports more than 4,000 sushi bars, generating $2 billion in annual revenues, according to IBIS World. These sushi restaurants aren’t all the same. SomeContinue Reading

Did you know that, according to, Americans consume more than 15 pounds of seafood annually? While that pales in comparison to our consumption of red meat, more and more Americans are seeking out delicious, well prepared seafood from their local sushi restaurants and other favorite seafood restaurants. Unfortunately, becauseContinue Reading

Have you thought about serving crystallized edible flowers at your next dinner party? Edible flowers are flowers that can be ingested safely. Edible flower petals are part of many regional cuisines such as European, Middle Eastern, East Indian, and Asian cuisines. For chefs, crystallized edible flowers offer interesting textures, flavors,Continue Reading