Learn about agriculture and food in the United States. Tips on where you can find the best food in VA and in other states across the nation.

One of Virginia’s nicknames is the “Mother of Presidents,” which is derived from the fact that the large number of United States Presidents were from Virginia. Examples of some of these well-known Presidents are George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and Woodrow Wilson. Virginia was one of the thirteen colonies in the American Revolution, and its capital, Richmond, was made the Confederate capital in the American Civil War.

Virginia has a very rich history when it comes to agriculture and food (i.e. the Shenandoah Valley helps Virginia’s economy). However, the VA economy transitioned from being mainly centered on agriculture to being more industrial, a number of decades ago. Virginia’s population, as estimated in 2013, was over 8 million people, and agriculture is found to occupy about 30 percent of the land in VA. Also, about 357,000 jobs in Virginia were outlined as being agriculture jobs, as of 2012. Even though agriculture has significantly decreased over the years, agriculture still remains as the biggest single industry in VA.

Virginia has a lot of great food and restaurants to choose from, and VA is known for its profitable agriculture products, which include tomatoes, soy, hay, peanuts, etc. Also, Virginia is referred to as being the fifth-largest producer of tobacco across the nation, even though tobacco hasn’t been VA’s primary crop. Vineyards and wineries in Virginia have attracted tourists and have generated income. This blog celebrates agriculture and food in Virginia and other states across the nation! Follow Virginia Food to discover new insights on food in VA and in other states, and other general food knowledge that will pique your interest and stimulate your appetite.

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