From Kitchen Renovations to Pizza Takeout How Eating Habits Have Changed

Over the last few years, kitchen remodeling trends have changed our eating habits. More consumers are remodeling kitchens because they are cooking more at home and they are ordering takeout and eating out less. Restaurants that offer both takeout and sit-down dining are doing well and thriving. Even when you order takeout food regularly, a remodeled kitchen can help with food safety, healthier eating, and provide an attractive area to prepare and eat food. Contacting a kitchen remodeling service is the key to designing a new kitchen that meets your needs.

Trends For Kitchen Design in 2022

Kitchens now use more natural materials for cabinets and countertops than ever before. Reused and real wood cabinets made of oak, maple, cherry, other wood, and unpainted wood have become popular. Countertops made of stone, granite, quartz, and marble are common materials used in renovated kitchens. Some families have small kitchen areas and small kitchen renovations have doubled in volume. Open cabinets add more space and space to put your cooking equipment. Handless cabinets that open easily create more space in small areas available in high gloss materials and textured wood. In a small kitchen, an island can double as a food prep area and dining table or area, too.

Open shelving creates more space in the kitchen and you can show off your cooking equipment or attractive dinnerware set. Shelves can display cookbooks, art, and even collectibles. Throw in some bold colors with a trendy kitchen island, painted cabinets, walls, wallpaper, or a showy backsplash. Smaller kitchens sometimes use slimmer cabinets that allow more space in small spaces. Geometric designs in tiles are popular in small kitchens because they give the illusion of more space. Integrated appliances are smaller and give smaller spaces more room to install and use them.

Larger kitchens are installing double kitchen islands for preparing food and storing kitchen equipment. Some islands serve as tables to eat on. Built-in pantries have become popular as more families eat at home and entertain more. Some larger kitchens double as home offices with computers, smart appliances, and even a TV to watch while preparing foods. The kids do their homework in the kitchen while they watch their parents prepare the meals or even help out. Some kitchens will be designed by licensed kitchen remodel contractors with flex workstations that fit into the kitchen but are separate from other activities. It often has a laptop, shelves, and desk for work at home. Some appliances can be hidden from view behind cabinet door exteriors and stoves behind sliding doors. This gives the illusion that they are not there. Smart appliances are trendy and can help you organize your kitchen, save energy and cook better.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are an essential part of a kitchen design. You store your dishes, utensils, cooking equipment, cooking equipment, and glassware in them. The more organized the cabinets are, the easier it is to plan a meal. Open frame cabinets have become popular because they have clear frames where you can display dishware and glasses. Many consumers use these for everyday use and some homeowners like to display kitchenware and collectibles in this style of cabinet. Larger kitchens that have room for displays tend to be better suited to this style.

Some kitchen remodeling services will offer reclaimed cabinets or will renovate the cabinets already there to make them look modern and brand new. Reclaimed cabinets are eco-friendly and will be trendy for many years to come. Slab door cabinets come without handles and knobs. They have a glossy finish or wood depending on what you are looking for. Smaller kitchens that have less room and large kitchens that want a modern, streamlined look often choose this style. Transitional style cabinets mix the old style and the new styles, keeping a traditional look but not looking outdated. They are more often used in someone remodeling a kitchen than in newly built kitchens.

Kitchen cabinet colors range from bright to neutral depending on the style of the kitchen. Blue kitchen cabinets that have a touch of gray have become popular. They verge on being a neutral color and match more colorful appliances or walls. White is still a popular color for kitchen cabinets because they match almost any color and design. Green cabinets being earth-toned, color has become popular in the last few years with more emphasis on eco-friendly colors. Emerald green, olive green, and light green are tones that work well in the kitchen with appliances, walls, and backsplashes.

Natural wood finishes for cabinets in pine, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, alder, birch, and hickory. Natural woods can be left unstained or can be treated for the look that you want. Many cabinets are made with extra deep drawers to store dishes, storage containers, bowls, and small appliances not used regularly. They allow you to store your kitchenware in a more organized way and to take it out when you need it. Many cabinets come with special storage racks and organizing tools to make your kitchen an easier place to find what you need. There are many kitchen cabinet styles and modern kitchen cabinet ideas to choose from. Many licensed kitchen remodeling contractors offer a cabinet painting service. Many consumers are painting their cabinets instead of using choosing traditional wood.

Popular materials for kitchen countertops in 2022 are natural stone materials. Quartz adds a natural look to your countertop and is easy to take care of. High-quality quartz will last a long time and maintain its appearance. White quartz counter tops are popular and do not stain and come in many colors and styles to match your kitchen design. A Granite counter or marble can give your countertop a veined and patterned look with the new technology used to create interesting designs. These stones are durable and last many years.

Food Trends and Takeout Food In 2022

Takeout has become more popular in the last few years with restaurants offering ways to make their takeout menu more like dining out. Many come up with new entrees, so customers can try different types of entrees on a regular basis. Some pizza takeout restaurants have made take-home pizza kits that include all the ingredients, so families can make pizza with the kids at home. Some have special meals for four or more that include salad, entrees, and desserts. These meals are popular with families that want ready-made meals some nights with no preparation. Asian restaurants and food are popular with consumers, from Chinese buffets to dining at a local Japanese restaurant. Their takeout features fresh vegetables, spices, sushi, stir-fry, fish, chicken, meat, rice, noodles, and spices. These cuisines have been able to introduce new spices and make them popular with consumers with takeout and dining in customers.

Consumers are finding appetizers, salads, and entrees that cut calories. Spring rolls are steamed appetizers filled with vegetables and fish or meat, making them healthier than fried spring rolls or egg rolls. Try a plate of stir-fried vegetables instead of fried rice when you eat or takeout at the local Thai or Chinese restaurant. When you’re craving pasta with sauce, instead of a rich cream or meat sauce, order a lower-calorie marinara sauce with vegetables or alio sauce with olive oil, garlic, and hot pepper. Add a salad on the side for a healthier meal. Order a thin crust vegetarian pizza to improve the health benefits. A plain cheese pizza or Margarita pizza is healthier and one you can find in most local pizza takeout restaurants. Opt for a healthier salad, spinach, garden, or Ceasar, not one with high-fat meats and cheese.

The market for mocktails have increased in restaurants for those that do not want to drink alcohol. They have become more complex and resemble or look like cocktails. You will find that they spend time creating seasonal mocktails as much as new alcoholic drinks. Some restaurants are cutting back on portion size, aware that some customers want less. Many restaurants are adding more vegetarian appetizers and menu items because consumers are demanding that. Chefs will study international cuisines and offer more vegetable entrees and side dishes that will entice their customers.

Restaurants will use more local farms for products, diet, meats, and poultry when preparing foods. Catering will be for smaller groups and prepared using safe containers and with staff serving guests. Many local restaurants and some supermarkets will have gardens and raise their own produce and herbs. They will sell these products to consumers and prepare food using what they grew. This is one way that eating has changed in the last several years with takeout food and dining out. Breakfast menus are going from sweet to savory, counting on more egg dishes with vegetables, cereal, whole-grain bread, grass-fed meats, and fish entrees to start the day.

Kitchen Pantries Are Back

Small kitchens now have built-in cabinets that are pantries where all staple ingredients can be stored for cooking meals. This includes oils, canned foods, rice, pasta, jarred and canned sauces, condiments, and canned items. Some panties have shelves, pull-out sections, and drawers for storing spices and herbs. An open kitchen pantry is in the main kitchen near the cabinets and is designed specifically to store food and other items for cooking. It will have cabinets, shelves, and space to store groceries, dishware, and cookware. Built-in pantries often have LED lighting and shelves and drawers that pull out for easy access to what you need.

Walk-in pantries are not located in the kitchen but nearby and are one of the best kinds to design. It is an additional room that stores food and kitchen supplies that you need. It is for those with large kitchens and big families that need to store supplies in large quantities. It can be for smaller families, too, that need storage and like to cook. This can be more expensive but many homeowners are adding walk-in pantries due to the change in eating habits over the last few years. Pull-out pantries are now available for smaller kitchens that do not have room for a pantry. They can be pulled out and have revolving doors, sliding shelves, lazy susans, and other devices that make them easy to store and use them.

Pantries have become more popular because consumers are eating more at home or ordering takeout food. Pantries allow the room to store more staple foods and kitchen equipment used in preparation.

Kitchen Appliance Trends For Kitchen Remodeling

New consumers are purchasing steam ovens to cook in their kitchens. Steam is a healthy way to cook and clean and sanitize your stove or oven as you cook. Refrigerators are being designed thinner with the ability to fit into small spaces for convenience. This is a part of the new way we are eating and handling food. Refrigerators have different compartments to store food, making it easier to keep produce and foods that spoil fresh. With smart technology, they will be able to tell you when you are running low on certain items or something is spoiled and should be thrown out. The smart technology will warn you when you need to have your refrigerator fixed due to a mechanical problem. A kitchen remodeling service can help you pick out the best appliances for your kitchen.

Many consumers are using countertop appliances to cook one-pot meals, pressure cookers, crockpots, and air fryers are a way to make food healthy and in large amounts. Sous vide cooking only in restaurants is now available to home chefs and many consumers are investing in the appliance as part of remodeling. Appliances can be ordered in custom colors and styles, depending on the design of your kitchen. Popular small kitchen appliances are blenders, bread machines, coffee and tea makers, juicers, mixers, and toasters.

With more consumers eating at home, perhaps it’s time to remodel your kitchen or have a new one designed. Contact your local kitchen remodeling service to learn more about how they can help you design your dream kitchen.

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