Are You Modeling Healthy Behaviors for Your Children?

Your children are listening and watching. Each and every day.

If children hear words of anger, shouting, hate and disdain, they will empty the same.

When children are exposed daily to words and reports of rape, sexual exploitation, and discrimination they are made insensitive to the needs and right of others. And while parents can sometimes feel as if there is no way to shield their children from the messiness of this world, there are still many ways in our own homes that we can have an impact. We can use kind words, we can model calm thinking, and we can show our children the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

Although the world and nation view includes air pollution, water pollution, fracking, park and forest destruction, and lack of care in general for our world, in their own homes parents can model something very different. Starting with weekly meal planning, for instance, parents can practice what they preach. With the use of organic micro greens, varieties of edible flowers, and produce and herbs grown at home, parents can show their children a simpler way of life.

Adding Organic Micro Greens to Salads Brings Color, Flavor, and Health Benefits

True leaf micro greens offer a way for parents to model responsible and healthy eating to their children. And while we may not be able to erase all of the disturbing news in our world, we can model kind words and healthy living styles. We live in a time when children are surrounded by fast food and fast talking politicians. controlling the political news is often outside of our power, but as parents we can control the kind of food that we eat. If we model a diet of foods packed with preservatives that we pick up going through a drive through we are sending our children a visual message that is difficult to ignore. If we instead serve a diet of petite micro greens, fresh fruits, and vegetables, we are able to show our children a healthier way of making sure that they are getting the best messages.

Although micro greens may be fairly new additions to home kitchens, they have actually been around for 20 to 30 years. First appearing in high end restaurants, micro greens, as well as root vegetables and other local produce, are now more commonly found in home kitchens as well. Micro greens are defined as the tiny form of edible greens produced from very young vegetable, herb, or other plants. They range in size from one to one and a half inches long, including the stem and leaves. Added in to the home cooked foods and home prepared salads that we already make, organic micro greens can serve as a great way to make sure that your children are seeing you serve the healthiest of foods.

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