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Coffee stands as one of the most popular beverages in the entire world, alongside wine and beer, tea, and plain water. Coffee is made from coffee beans, cultivated in South America and elsewhere, and is exported around the world. The United States alone is the world’s largest coffee importer, and in 2014, around one fourth of the entire world’s un-roasted coffee imports went to that nation. Many Americans today drink coffee at least occasionally, and coffee today comes in a wide variety of flavors. That, and many coffee accessories such as sugar and cream packets and flavors of roast. An interested drinker may buy their own coffee maker for home use and order coffee online, such as betting coffee beans through digital retailers if a local retailer doesn’t carry their favorite flavor. When you order coffee beans online, all sorts of coffee flavors are possible. An online catalog makes it easier to order coffee online, and a good catalog will have clear images of the coffee bean bags and their price, among other data.

American Coffee Drinkers

Who might want to torder coffee online? Many Americans are regular coffee drinkers, or indulge in coffee at least once in a whole. It is believed that just over 50% of Americans aged 18 and older drink coffee each day, and this overlaps with the population who drinks it at least occasionally. What is more, coffee statistics have shown that among all coffee drinkers today, the average daily consumption is 3.1 cups. Among all Americans, the average is closer to to 1.64, and about 65% of all of that coffee is consumed during breakfast hours. After all, coffee is a stimulant, and that makes it a fine choice of beverage in the morning before work or class. Only a small percentage of coffee is drunk with other meals such as lunch or dinner, and a modest amount is consumed between meals.

There are some benefits to drinking coffee, and that may be why some drinkers order coffee online to make at home. It has been shown that drinking three to five cups of coffee each day may help guard against cognitive declines associated with aging, such as a 65% lower chance of developing dementia like Alzheimer’s. What is more, many American employees report that drinking coffee in the morning boosts their productivity before work and makes them more alert and focused. Many American workers who don’t have time to brew coffee at home will get coffee to go during their morning commute, often getting it in paper cups with plastic lids. This is a fine option in the morning, but Americans are more careful about coffee in the afternoon and evening. As a stimulant, coffee may make sleep difficult that night even if consumed as early as 3:00 PM, so Americans may switch to decaf for afternoon or evening coffee drinking.

Make Some Coffee at Home

Many Americans have a coffee maker at home, and they find this to be a great investment. Freshly ground and poured coffee at home may taste great and save a lot of money in the long run compared to getting it at coffee shops every day. Many studies show that Americans spend a lot of money on ordering coffee to go, and they may save a lot of money if they make it at home (granted they have the time and interest). Many department stores may have coffee grinders and makers available, and grocery stores often have a wide variety of bean bags and roast bags available. That, and additives such as cream and sugar packets for flavor. Some Americans drink their coffee plain, or “black,” but many others add cream or sugar or even honey or cinnamon.

A person could order coffee online and browse online catalogs that may offer many different flavors of roast, and this allows someone to brew more exotic or obscure blends if they like. What is more, they can have a collection of favorite coffee mugs to keep at home to personalize their drink. Coffee at home is great for any meal of the day, and many thermoses and other portable containers are a great option for carrying hot liquids for hours at a time.

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