Using Reclaimed Wood In Your Restaurant

Modern construction materials vary widely, from concrete and glass to steel and bricks. Wood, meanwhile, has become obsolete in some industries but remains an essential construction material for others. Modern homes and furniture make ample use of wood, and this organic material can be highly durable and long-lasting. In fact, many historical houses and buildings in North America still have their original wooden floors or other surface, a testament to wood’s endurance. Meanwhile, the Pagoda Fogong in China is the world’s oldest all-wood, multi-story building, built far back in 1056. In the modern age, ships and large public buildings aren’t made from wood anymore, and some industries such as autos never used wood to begin with. But furniture and homes use it, and wood can be either fresh lumber or recycled wood. A ladderback chair may be made of reclaimed wood, and reclaimed wood chairs are just the start. Reclaimed wood siding and reclaimed table tops are also possible for restaurants, diners, and bars.

Wood in North America

A number of hardwood species have proven popular for wood and carpentry work in North America for centuries, such as redwood, cedar, and cherry to make a ladderback chair, table, or stairway handrail. Early English, French, and Dutch colonists made use of local woods for pragmatic construction, but by the Early American period (1640-1700), distinct styles emerged. Starting at that point, American colonists innovated new carpentry and woodworking styles that proved popular for years to come, and even today, a lot of furniture is made in Mission or colonial style. The same woods are used now as then, such as cherry, which is considered both durable and attractive.

Some industries, such as ship-building, phased out wood for other materials such as wood and plastic. However, wood still has a place in construction, mainly for homes. This reflects in the leftover waste; nearly 20-30% of all construction and demolition waste is in fact wood, and furniture construction may create some cast-off materials. This leftover wood is sometimes simply thrown away, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a growing trend to reclaim this leftover wood and re-purpose it into new furniture or home construction, which lowers rates of waste. What is more, this can reduce the demand for fresh lumber, which in turn helps protect natural forests. Ever since 1900, around three trillion feet of lumber has been milled, but this sometimes creates waste. A reclaimed wood ladderback chair or a table can help with this.

An Establishment and Wood

Public establishments such as restaurants, diners, bars, and hotels can make use of wood for their furniture and wall paneling alike, and for good reason. Unlike metal, wood can lend such a place a home-like feel, and many people enjoy the texture, sight, and even scent of wood. So, wood furniture such as a ladderback chair or round table can set someone at ease and make them feel more at home, and restaurant owners know this. Any establishment, whether an upscale New York City restaurant or small-town diner, can make use of this. Bars, too, can use wood to make for a more home-like interior.

Bars are known for using wood. In days past, the bar itself was made of wood, but even with modern counter-tops, the stools and walls may include fresh or reclaimed wood. If a bar stool isn’t a metal model that is bolted to the floor, it’s a wooden stool, and this can be very inviting. Bars are also known for the wood paneling on their walls, which can be either fresh wood or reclaimed lumber from elsewhere.

Restaurant owners who are opening a new establishment will need furniture in there, and this means working with carpenters. The owner will use the square footage of their restaurant and their expected number of guests as a reference for how many tables of what size to use, not to mention chairs. A ladderback chair and its table can be made from either reclaimed or fresh wood, and paint and finish can make wood look classy. Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to look shoddy or cheap; expert carpenters can build and paint it to look professional in any setting. These furniture pieces are both stylish and resource-friendly.

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