Three Things You Need To Know When Purchasing A Reefer Trailer

In The United States, many people use cars as transportation. Because of this, driving on highways are common. The highway doesn’t just contain small cars, SUV’s, Jeeps, and average size trucks. Highways contain huge trucks, actually. They make tiny cars look like ants. Many people are actually scared to drive next to, or behind trucks. What’s most important about these huge trucks is the people who drive them, and the things they need for the trucks they drive. Many truck drivers work for various truck companies. But, they are responsible for the truck as they drive it. This doesn’t just include safe driving and making sure accidents don’t happen. Truck drivers need to make sure everything is working properly on the truck as they drive it. One common application seen on trucks is a reefer trailer.

So, what is a reefer trailer? A reefer trailer is, obviously, used in truck driving. It is a refrigerated trailer that is attached to a truck. An average reefer trailer is between 28-53 feet in length, and 13.5 feet in height. The reefer trailer helps during transport. It helps transport hot or cold items. It keeps the items either cold or hot. This is to make sure no items spoil when the truck driver is driving it from one location to another. Reefer trailers started with keeping items cold, like ice cream. Now, reefer trailers can keep things hot as well. Also, reefer trailers can carry up to 44,000 pounds! Sounds interesting, right? There are times when truck drivers and companies need new reefer trailers, though. Here are three things you need to know when you need to purchase a new reefer trailer:

Buy Reefer Trailer

There are different types of reefer trailers you can purchase. You can see if there are new reefer trailers for sale or used reefer trailers for sale. Popular refrigerated units are thermo king refrigeration units for sale. But, it all depends on what application is best for you. First, many suggest that it’s time to look for a reefer trailer for sale when the trailer reaches 20,000 hours. After 20,000 hours, a trailer is considered old, and so you’ll need a new reefer trailer. There are three things to consider when purchasing one of these refrigerated trailers.

Is It Reliable?

For truck drivers and companies, this is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a new reefer trailer. Consider the units, both smaller and larger. Which one would work best for you? Also, think about compressors. Make sure they are reliable. Also, you may want to think about any electronics or microprocessors.

What Products Are You Transporting? Where Are You Driving?

Truck drivers carry many different items. With reefer trailers, truck drivers transport temperature sensitive items or food that can spoil easily. But, when purchasing a new reefer trailer, you need to consider what you specifically transporting. What type of foods are you driving from one location to the next? If you’re transporting frozen foods, or frozen goods, you should consider the refrigeration factor. You will need a reefer unit that doesn’t work hard to keep your truck at the correct temperature. You’re going to need a reefer unit with a good refrigerant. The opposite would be true if you’re transporting foods or goods that need to be kept warm.

When looking at which new reefer trailer to buy, you also need to think about where you’re driving. First, you need to figure out where the reefer trailer repairs and purchasing companies are. If your traveling route is remote, some companies may not be within your reach, so you’ll have to go to the one closest to you. If your route isn’t remote, you’ll have more options.
Reefer Trailer Cost

It’s important to consider how much money you’re willing to spend of a reefer trailer. Some new reefer trailers are more expensive than used reefer trailers. This will influence which type of unit you purchase. It is important to note that you need a reliable, efficient reefer trailer, whether new or used. Sometimes the cost is worth it, so you can have the most ideal application for your items.

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