Taking A Look At The Importance of Beer And Local Breweries In The United States

From the 64 oz growler to the growler keg, there are more ways to enjoy beer in the United States than ever before – and this is certainly a good thing. After all, beer is an incredibly common drink here, and is the preferred alcoholic beverage of many people of many different ages, of different genders, and different backgrounds. Data backs this up too, showing that more than forty percent of all people throughout the country (forty three percent of all people who are of a legal drinking age – over the age of twenty one -, to be more exact) will take a beer over a different alcoholic beverage like a glass of wine or a drink made with spirits and hard liquor.

And beer drinking occurs on a regular basis, with very nearly fifteen percent of all people having at least one beer a week, if not even more than that. Beers are great for casual nights in, of course, but they can also be ideal for just about any event, from the most laid back of parties to the most formal of events. Beers are often offered at weddings, for example, and might even be a part of the open bar that is provided. On top of this, you are likely to find people enjoying a beer or two at a barbecue, a birthday party, or even just while sitting outside on a hot summer day. Beers are popular at sporting events too, and drinking a beer while eating a hot dog at a baseball game constitutes a truly perfect afternoon for many different people.

And when it comes to beer, there are more varieties out there than ever before and from the 64 oz growler to the personalized growler, there are more ways to consume said beer than ever before. This is largely thanks to craft beer, which has taken over the beer industry in many places all throughout the United States. In fact, craft beer makes up as much as twelve percent of the total market share for the entirety of the beer industry.

On top of this, there have never been more domestic breweries then there currently are today. These domestic breweries number more than four thousand and are spread out throughout the country, as of the year of 2015. In the few years that have elapsed since (just about three full ones at the current date, here at the tail end of the year of 2018), this number has only continued to grow, and is only likely to keep growing in the years that are to come. In fact, up to eighty five percent of all beers sold here in the United States come from domestic breweries such as craft breweries.

And there are many reasons that such craft and domestic breweries have become so widely popular. For one, it gives people a definable way to support American businesses while still doing something that they love – drinking both beer and cider. Another reasons to drink craft beer is that craft beer breweries often provide new and exciting flavors for beer and cider alike, flavors that are not often easily found in your typical grocery store or just anywhere throughout the country.

Many of these breweries, though offering limited flavors, will certainly give you a way to enjoy said flavors outside of the brewery. For instance, you can take home a 64 oz growler. A 64 oz growler is ideal for the person who loves a certain type of craft beer, as the 64 oz growler provides you with ample space to bring as much of it home as is humanly possible. Of course, though, the 64 oz growler is not the only type of growler popular among craft breweries. The stainless steel growler keg is also a popular choice, as are the vacuum sealed growler and the insulated growler, perfect for drinking outside on hot summer nights (or even days, in the case of events like tail gaiting and such). But from the 64 oz growler to the keg growler, there are many different ways to enjoy beer.

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