Eating Out Is a Favorite Pastime for Many Americans?

This is a new way to start a Saturday morning.

It is not unusual for your youngest daughter to be out for a run first thing on a Saturday morning. It is unusual, however, to be going to watch her. On this first weekend of her high school senior year, you and your husband are heading to a park a few miles from home to watch her run in a time trial. A little uncertain about all of the cross country lingo, the one thing that you do know is that this will be the first time your daughter has participated in a high school sporting event.

Sure, she has been in show choir, band, and orchestra performances and competitions before, but when you attended the cross country parent meeting it was officially the first time you were attending a high school athletic meeting. And while your daughter was a gymnast all through high school, in your state this was a club, not a school, sport.

With your camera bag, long lens included, in hand, you and your husband left the house about an hour after your daughter to watch her and her teammates run.

Your wish is that she has fun and does her best, and enjoys the opportunity to know what running on the home course will be like before the first official meet of the season next weekend. Beyond that, you have promised her the best breakfast in town when the race is over. No matter her time, no matter where she finishes, you know that she will be hungry. So you will let her pick the best breakfast spot where she wants to go and hear all of the details about the morning, from the initial warm up to crossing the finish.

Favorite Food Spots Often Become Family Traditions

Whether your family is looking for the best breakfast to celebrate a well run race, the best brunch after church, or the best Mexican restaurants for a family birthday celebration, your family likely has some eating traditions. In fact, some families have a favorite place that they go for every family birthday, another favorite location to celebrate the last day of school, and a go to spot for drinks after a day on the lake. Fortunately, because eating is something that Americans do so well, there are a thousands of restaurants to choose from. In fact, in the year 2016 alone, consumer spending on eating out in the Americas amounted to as much as $1.17 trillion.

Although there are many kinds of restaurants throughout the country, there are many people who really look forward to authentic Mexican food when they get ready to dine out. In fact, one out of every 10 restaurants in the U.S. sells Mexican food, which makes it the most popular style of international cuisine in the country. No matter if you are looking for tacos and tortillas or you just want a tasty breakfast of eggs and bacon, you will likely find something that tickles your taste buds!

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