Seven Reasons to Choose Reclaimed Wood for Your Restaurant

If your new restaurant is considering new tables and chairs, why not take this opportunity to use reclaimed wood restaurant table tops instead of using new wood. A natural reclaimed wood product is a great way to be environmentally responsible while still using fine wood and achieving that elegant, rustic, or eclectic look you’re hoping for in your new establishment. Here’s what reclaimed wood restaurant tables can do:

Show Your Sense of Eco-Responsibility

Consumers are very interested in the environment these days and people frequently make decisions about a purchase based on how they perceive the brand does with environmental and social issues. Reclaimed wood restaurant table tops are a great way of showing that you have a sense of taste, but also care about the state of our Earth. Reusing old wood spares new trees being cut down, and it takes the half the amount of energy to install a new floor made of reclaimed wood than if you used that same amount of new wood.

Show Your Sense of History

Giving new life to old wood is a great way to show that you have an interest in the past. Rustic furniture is aesthetically pleasing, but also connects you to the past in a special way, evoking those pieces of handmade furniture passed down from generation to generation.

Get Wood You Couldn’t Otherwise Use

A little-known secret about those reclaimed wood restaurant table tops? They give you a way to use special, old-growth forest wood that no one can get new any more. Environmental regulations have strictly controlled the sale of these kinds of gorgeous hardwoods, and while that’s good for the Earth, it means that we don’t get to see those gorgeous hues and amazing lines anymore in our homes and places of business. Unless, of course, you harvest it from reclaimed wood and use it to make your table tops, barstools, chairs, and other wooden furniture and accents.

Get Access to More Stable Wood

Another little-known secret is that old wood is better wood. New wood hasn’t been exposed to endless changes of humidity over years and years of life. Old wood has, and that means it has done all the changing and warping that it ever plans on doing. This feature of reclaimed wood is perfect if you’re putting in reclaimed wood restaurant tables. Not only will those tables be exposed to humidity changes within the restaurant, but you’ll also have guests spilling liquids on them on a regular basis. Beyond that, you’ll be wiping them down to clean them regularly, so they are going to be exposed to moisture. With reclaimed wood, you know that the warping is all done.

Access More Width Choices

New wood is unstable. Old wood is strong and of proven worth. That means you’re free to make your old wood beams, flooring, tabletops, and panels in wider planks than if you were using new wood. It’s nice to have options.

Show Off a Unique Aesthetic

If people wanted to go to a restaurant that looked exactly like every other, they’d hit up one of the chains or go to the place with clown. If you want your establishment to be unique and offer an original look and experience, you can’t go wrong starting out with reclaimed wood restaurant table tops. No two will be alike because no two pieces of reclaimed wood are ever identical. You’ll have an entire dining room of unique pieces, and that’s just the tables. The flooring, the bar, the planking: all of it can be original and one-of-a-kind.

Save Some Money

Reclaimed wood is often cheaper than freshly harvested wood. It’s hard to believe, considering that reclaimed wood is the superior product, but reclaimed wood involves less waste and processing along the way, so it’s possible to get the look you want for a surprisingly reasonable price.

Since 1900, the United States has milled a lot of wood. Three trillion board feet, in fact. That’s a lot of extra wood just waiting to be used. Why not get some for yourself and start your business out right with reclaimed wood restaurant table tops.

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