Get Up and Go with Coffee

We’ve all heard that catchy phrase from the 1928 song: “You’re the cream in my coffee…”, right? Well, these days it could be revised to say: “Will you be adding creamer or sugar to that designer coffee?” Options abound for coffee lovers! And, according to a statistics compiled recently, Americans drink 1.64 cups of coffee per day, on the average.

Nationally, about 150 million Americans, or roughly half of the entire population of the country, drink some form of coffee–whether it is iced coffee, cappuccino, latte or espresso. Of all those enjoying a coffee-based beverage, a whopping 65% use creamer in some form.

Yes, many enjoy coffee, but the coffee industry is not just for pleasure and enjoyment. It is a huge business and an economic force. For example, the U.S. imported one-quarter of global un-roasted coffee in 2014. This amounted to 27 million bags of coffee, and made the U.S.the largest single buyer in the world.

Similarly, in the U.S., the retail value of the coffee market is approximated to be $48 billion dollars. Specialty coffees make up 55% of that, with independent coffee shops making annual sales of $12 billion.

There are two main kinds of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Of these two types, mostly all of the specialty industry coffee is the Arabica kind. In the smaller, independent coffee shops, brewed coffee is the number one seller, followed by 31% of sales coming from espresso-based drinks.

With all of this coffee being consumed, coffee shops are going to need creamer, sugar, stirrers—and all kinds of coffee accessories. 37% of U.S. coffee cups, which are thought to be the most superior quality, globally, are specialty coffees.

Considering the many ways to prepare coffee, as well as the huge selection of gourmet coffee and different types of creamer, it only makes sense that specialty coffees and coffee shops will require their own types of coffee accessories. Items such as custom paper cups, coffee cups with lids, coffee stirrers and paper to go coffee cups are all items that are needed in coffee shops, year round.

And even though the majority drink their coffee in the morning, about 65% during breakfast, some enjoy a coffee at other times of the day. Many shops now include a selection of soups, too, to accompany the specialty coffees for those who might want soup–and a coffee–for lunch.

So, no matter what your preference is for a cup of specialty coffee, or how busy your schedule is, most likely you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and be able to enjoy it at your convenience.

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