Why Food Inspection Tools Matter

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Every single day people across the United States will consume their daily intake of food. While eating this food, these people will enjoy the delicious nature of the food they are eating but often they do not know about all of the food inspector tools used to inspect said food. This is odd to think about because when you dive into the facts surrounding food inspector tools, these types of tools and processes are incredibly important to keep people safe.

Right now over 50% of all consumers around the globe will make decisions and purchases in part based on the packaging that shows the brand behind the product is trying to make a positive environmental and social impact. Due to this fact, so many different food packaging and food companies are working hard to try and treat the environment well to get steam behind their brand.

Experts within the packaging industry believe that every pound of plastic packaging can help reduce food waste by almost 2 pounds. Furthermore, using 2 pounds of plastic can help deliver almost 10 gallons of beverages such as juice, soda or whatever. This is the most efficient way to transfer these products because to move the same amount of product, you would need 8 pounds of steel or almost 40 pounds of glass.

Plastic is also ideal for many consumers because they can recycle and this is something that so many consumers care about. As a matter of fact, over 148 million people in the United States have access to some type of plastic recycling program. So companies are using better food inspector tools and better packaging systems to improve how food is given to people.

Many food companies will use x-ray food inspection to inspect their food during the packaging products process in order to ensure that there are no dangerous contaminants inside of it. This is because the metal detector is not as reliable as people once thought. Although there are three main groups of metallic contaminants that a metal detector can find in food like Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Stainless Steel detection.

As just mentioned, some packaging companies that deal with food are looking to use better food inspector tools. One of these tools can be an x-ray machine used for food inspection because it is more reliable than the metal detector. Understand that when the average metal detector is used with a wet or conductive product where there is 3.5 mm stainless steel can be detected, an X-ray can detect nearly 1.5 mm or less which helps improve food safety.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that improving food packaging safety is incredibly important to not only the companies that are selling and packaging the food but also the people eating the food. Americans across the nation should not have to deal with the potential consequences that can come from foodborne diseases. These types of diseases can spread quickly and will also devastate local areas. On top of this, a foodborne disease will destroy a food brand and no one will want to buy their products.

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