Corporate Event Planning From Finding the Right Facility to Hiring an Event Planner

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Are you looking for the perfect corporate event facility to host an meeting or an employee appreciation day? Chances are that you’re also looking for corporate catering services to assist you with designing just the right menu. While it will depend on the types of activities that will be included at your event, you’ll probably need tables with seating along with a speaker table and chairs. Whether you’re going to have one or several speakers, it’s a good idea to determine the type of microphones and speaker systems that will be the most effective.

If there is anyone planning to attend with dietary restrictions or preferences, then you’ll want to find out these ahead of time. If this isn’t possible, then it makes sense to locate a catering service that is able to prepare a wide variety of menu items, which includes vegetarian and vegan dishes. A recent survey conducted by Dinova showed that 78% of the corporate participants provided vegetarian options when they hosted corporate events.

Are you planning to have a company picnic at this or another event? The Dinova survey revealed that 73% of their respondents stated that they had a picnic every year. While some companies may spend less for events of this type, 43% of the Dinova survey participants stated that their company spends $50,000 or more.

Company picnics are a wonderful way to show employee appreciation. Since these are usually held once a year, there are other ways that employees can recognize their employees throughout the year. When companies have employee recognition programs, 86% have expressed that their employees are happier. This can make a significant difference in employee engagement as well as create a compatible workplace culture. Furthermore, a company whose employees are happy and engaged usually don’t tend to have failed hires or a high employee turnover rate.

Since there are quite a few details to take care of in order to host a corporate event, you may want to call on the services of a corporate event planner. Since these individuals have experience with organizing these and other types of events, it would be nice to have someone like this on your team.

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