Do You Serve Your Family Organic Meat and Other Healthy Options?

Sustainable farming

What are you serving for dinner tonight?
As many families battle the schedule of two working parents and multiple sports practices for their children, it should come as no surprise that family meal planning can be a real challenge. From organic poultry to other kinds of organic meats, though, families who are concerned about serving healthy options in spite of their hectic schedules can achieve their goals. In fact, by ordering high quality organic meats online, many families can quickly put together an evening meal in a matter of minutes. With the main course on hand, busy parents are able to cut a few vegetables and quickly prepare a meal that is both healthy and filling.
If you were to quit reading this screen and get up from your chair and look in your freezer what would you find? Is your freezer full of over processed frozen meals or does it contain organic beef and other organic meats? The first step toward eating more healthily is being careful about what kinds of food you put in your cupboards, your refrigerator, and your freezer.
Are You Ready to Feed Your Family Meals That Are More Healthy?

Whether you are looking at buying meats that are produced by a rancher who implements sustainable farming practices in Kentucky or you are looking for the best options for purchasing organic meats from your local grocer, the decision to eliminate the over processed foods that many Americans serve their families is a step in the right direction. Finding the right resources for the most healthy foods for your family is an important step to making sure that what ends up on your table is a healthy option.
Consider these facts and figures about the industry that provides the protein that Americas depend upon:

  • 78% of chicken consumers feel that raising chickens humanely leads to safer chicken products, according to a 2014 survey.
  • In a similar report, 81% of respondents to a 2014 survey believed it was important the chickens they eat be humanely raised.
  • As the number one protein consumed in the U.S., Americans consume more chicken than anyone else in the world.
  • Although there are thousands today, there were only 50 grassfed cattle operations active in the U.S. just a decade ago.
  • From a calorie standpoint, a six-ounce steak from a grass-finished steer contains almost 100 fewer calories than a six-ounce steak from a grainfed steer.
  • In addition, grassfed meat is low in saturated fat, the bad fat, and contains two to six times more omega-3 fatty acids, the good fat.

The food that you buy at the grocery store and the food that you purchase online is the initial step that you take to make sure that you provide your family with healthy meals every single day.

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