5 Entertaining and Informative Facts About Ice Cream

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There are many delicious frozen treats for people to enjoy. Statistics show that 90% of households in the United States regularly indulge in a frozen treat. One of the most popular frozen desserts is ice cream. Ice cream has been pleasing the sweet tooth of people for many years, amassing amazing facts along the way. Here are five interesting facts about ice cream.

  1. Vanilla is Still King

    Statistics show that, in any given period of two weeks, 40% of people in the United States will consume ice cream. Many of those people will prefer vanilla ice cream. Numerous studies find that many people prefer vanilla when it’s time to fill their ice cream cup. Other popular ice cream flavors include chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan.
  2. Popular Dessert Across the World

    The average person in America will consume ice cream nearly 30 times per year. America isn’t the only place in the world where ice cream is popular. One study finds that New Zealand is the country consuming the most ice cream per gallon per capita. Both Finland and Sweden are other countries known to consume their fair share of this frozen dessert.
  3. Toppings for Ice Cream are Popular

    A fun part of consuming ice cream is choosing the right toppings. You’ll find there are many ways to top ice cream. Popular topping choices include syrups, sprinkles, and various candies. Many people prefer to scoop fresh fruit into their bowl of ice cream. However, the most popular ice cream topping remains chocolate syrup.
  4. Ice Cream for Animals Exists

    One study finds that one in five people share ice cream with their pets. It’s important to know that dogs have difficulties digesting dairy products including ice cream. Dogs are unable to process dairy the same way that humans will. However, certain pet food companies have created a safe dessert for your dog to enjoy. You’ll want to be sure your dog has a nice ice cream cup for their sweet treats.
  5. The Science Behind a Brain Freeze

    If you’ve been scooping out of an ice cream cup too fast, you’ll get a brain freeze. A brain freeze is what happens when a headache begins from consuming cold foods or beverages too fast. The pain involved in a brain freeze is caused by blood vessels adjusting to extreme cold. The nerve endings send pain signals to your brain which is what causes those annoying headaches. Scientific research finds that certain animals experience brain freezes when under similar circumstances.

In closing, ice cream is one of the most dessert foods of all time. Many countries love ice cream outside of America including Sweden, Finland, and New Zealand. The most popular flavor of ice cream is still vanilla. Most people will choose to top this dessert with chocolate syrup. Companies have created an ice cream that is safe for dogs to enjoy. A brain freeze is the only drawback to eating ice cream. You’ll find that taking slower scoops out of your ice cream cup will reduce this annoyance. The popularity of ice cream all over the world is something that shows no signs of slowing down.

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